Affordable Website Development

We like to help people, and we know that not everyone can afford to invest a lot into a website, so we work with all budget levels.

The bigger the budget we have to work with, the more features and custom work we can do for you, and the more time we can spend on your project.

We develop websites and applications, primarily for the WordPress platform.

Why WordPress?

We primarily develop for WordPress because it is the most popular, most maintained, and most powerful, yet easy to use content management system in the world. It is free and easy to install, and powers 1/3 of all the websites on the web.

It gives you freedom. If you ever decide to go with a different developer, we will be sad to see you go, but we will never trap you or force you to do business with us.

With a WordPress site, we know that you will easily find thousands of freelance developers and companies around the world who can assist you and take care of your needs (just maybe not as well, they may charge you more, or they don’t speak very good English).

Another one of the many benefits of using the WordPress platform, is the speed with which sites can be put together. WordPress sites are simply easier and faster to build.

Using our own custom themes and plugins, we can build sites faster, cheaper, and easier than we can any other way.

Our sites are mobile-friendly, use a predictable layout to make it easy to use and navigate, and it is easy to customize and expand.

Our WordPress sites load quickly, they’re secure, and the platform is easy for you to learn how to use to edit, add, and maintain content. And if you need help, we’re just a few clicks away. 🙂

Latest Sites and Works in Progress

Answers to Prayer

Answers to Prayer is a website that helps people interested in learning about prayer, while subtly linking to affiliate offers and building an email list for marketing purposes by promoting a free ebook. This site gets traffic from SEO (search engine optimization), paid search ads, social media, and YouTube.

Blaze Script

Blaze Script is a free resource website that focuses the web development programming language, PHP. The site gets traffic from SEO and third-party links. It is uses Adsense (Google ads) in the content.

Life with Asperger’s

This website is in the process of being redesigned. It has free information about Asperger’s Syndrome along with a membership subscription service to give access to courses on anxiety and other topics. This website gets traffic through social media, search engines, paid traffic, and third-party links. Its primary source of revenue will be information products like online courses, merchandise, and ebooks.

At Jesus’ Feet

At Jesus’ Feet is a simple blog site that is just getting started. It will feature various posts and contented on Christian topics. It will get its traffic from search engines, social media, and YouTube. Any revenue that it may generate will be from affiliate offers.

The Revelation of Jesus

This is another Christian website that is focused on Revelation. This website is actually a rebuild, where the old site and platform are being replaced. It is currently a work in progress and is waiting for content to be transferred and edited from the old website. It gets its traffic from SEO and it will generate revenue through affiliate offers and adsense.

Note: These are just some of the most recent websites we have been working on recently and it is not the entire list of sites we work on, design for, or manage.

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