The Hidden Dangers of Free WordPress Themes and Plugins

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It may surprise you, but it is increasingly common for WordPress sites to be hacked due to security vulnerabilities in plugins and themes.

Once discovered, hackers will seek to exploit these vulnerabilities in all WordPress sites that use them, putting your site and your users at risk.

Here are a couple recent occurrences last year:

Hackers are actively probing millions of WordPress sites

Massive campaign targets 900,000 WordPress sites in a week

WordPress is an open source, free, community supported platform that is stable, secure, and reliable. Issues generally arise from the plugins and themes that are installed on WordPress sites that have vulnerabilities that are discovered and exploited by hackers.

Custom WordPress themes and plugins are a great way to not only add a new look or features to your website, but it is a great way to do it securely.

When the best practices are used to protect against hacking and security, a custom theme and plugin can provide you with a faster and more secure solution that also protects your privacy and that of your users.

We develop fast, easy to use, and secure plugins and themes that are customized to your needs and style. Unlike most plugins, ours are designed to only load as they are needed, which improves your website’s load speed. We also use a number of other tactics to provide you with a solid, secure solution.

With years of experience working with and developing for WordPress, we are confident that we can provide you with the look and functionality you need without the need for dozens of bloated plugins or frameworks.

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