How to Promote Your Book

Congratulations on writing a book! Many authors have successfully published their own books themselves or have gone through a reputable publisher. Whichever you happen to be, these marketing strategies are specially made for you.

We are going to discuss the best marketing tactics for promoting your book so that you get the best results. As with any business venture, product, or service, a marketing strategy is key to success. You need to know who your target reader is - What are their demographics? What do they like? Where can they be found? The answers to those questions, will help determine where and how to market your book, and will help you put your ads in the right places in front of the people that are most interested in buying it.

Get on the Recommended Book Lists

Getting your new book listed on recommended book list sites can be a highly effective strategy to increase its visibility, credibility, and ultimately boost sales. These platforms are trusted by readers who actively seek out book recommendations, making them valuable spaces to showcase your work. Because these are popular platforms, they will rank higher in the search engines and have more regular traffic that you can then market to.


Goodreads is a popular platform for book lovers and authors alike. It offers various marketing opportunities, including author profiles, giveaways, and sponsored book placements. Goodreads charges for certain promotional features, and the pricing may vary based on the specific service you choose.


BookBub is a widely recognized book promotion platform that sends targeted book recommendations to millions of subscribers. It offers several advertising options, including Featured Deals, New Release Alerts, and Author Profiles. Pricing on BookBub varies depending on factors such as genre, book format, and promotional goals.

Book Riot

Book Riot is a popular website dedicated to book-related news, reviews, and recommendations. They offer various advertising options, such as sponsored content, newsletter placements, and podcast sponsorship. Pricing details for Book Riot promotions can be obtained by contacting their advertising team directly.


LibraryThing is an online platform where readers can catalog their personal book collections. It offers advertising options for authors, such as Featured Author programs and Early Reviewer giveaways. The pricing structure for LibraryThing promotions can be found on their website.

Securing a spot on recommended book list sites can greatly enhance the success of your client's book release. These platforms have a dedicated readership actively looking for their next great read, providing a prime opportunity for your client to connect with their target audience. To maximize the chances of getting listed, encourage your client to focus on crafting a compelling book description, gathering positive reviews, and engaging with their readership through various promotional channels. By understanding the submission guidelines, following best practices, and having a well-crafted pitch, your client can increase their chances of being featured on these coveted book list sites and gain significant exposure for their new book.

Other Ways to Promote Your Book

In addition to leveraging recommended book list sites, there are numerous other effective strategies to promote your client's new book and maximize its reach to potential readers. In this section, we will explore these additional avenues for book promotion.

Leverage social media platforms

Utilize platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to engage with potential readers, share updates about the book, post relevant content, and build an author brand.

Create an author website

Develop a professional website where readers can find information about the author, the book, and purchase options. Include a blog section to share updates, articles, and behind-the-scenes insights.

Seek reviews and endorsements

Reach out to book bloggers, reviewers, and influential individuals in the book industry to request reviews or endorsements. Positive reviews can help generate buzz and credibility for the book.

Organize book signings and author events

Coordinate events at local bookstores, libraries, or literary festivals to connect with readers directly and build a fanbase. Engage in public speaking opportunities related to the book's topic.

Consider book trailers and multimedia content

Create engaging book trailers, author interviews, or book-related videos to capture readers' attention and share them on platforms like YouTube.

Collaborate with influencers

Identify influencers, booktubers, or bookstagrammers with a relevant audience and consider collaborations such as author interviews, guest blog posts, or social media features.

Promoting a book requires a multifaceted approach, and by exploring additional recommended strategies, you can expand your reach and captivate a wider audience. Each strategy contributes to building awareness, credibility, and connection with readers. Experiment with different approaches, tailor your promotional efforts to your target audience, and stay adaptable in an ever-changing publishing landscape. By incorporating these diverse promotional avenues, you can enhance the success of their book release and pave the way for a thriving author career.