Zack Group Logo Redesign

Proposal presented by: Making The Impact LLC

Dear Steven Hines,

Thank you for considering Making The Impact LLC for your branding and design needs. We’re excited about the prospect of collaborating with you to craft a distinctive logo that perfectly encapsulates the ethos of your healthcare company.

This proposal presents an initial suite of design services we believe will best align with your vision and brand requirements. Recognizing the individuality of every client, we are always open to customizing our offerings or considering fresh ideas you might bring to the table.

At Making The Impact LLC, we are committed to providing excellent value. Once we fully grasp the depth and breadth of your design needs, we’ll work jointly to determine a pricing structure that ensures fairness and affordability.

Outlined below are some of the specialized design services we offer, which can bolster your brand’s consistency and presence:

  • Conceptualization and creation of your logo
  • Design of business cards tailored to reflect your brand’s identity
  • Creation of email signatures that leave a lasting impression
  • Customized LinkedIn profile banners to enhance your company’s professional image

Our ethos at Making The Impact LLC is to be more than just service providers. We focus on delving deep into your unique requirements, budget, and aspirations, aiming to deliver services that transcend mere solutions and genuinely elevate your brand’s value.

I’m confident that this proposal will assist you in visualizing the potential enhancements to your brand. I eagerly await our discussions on tailoring our services to precisely fit your needs.

Best Regards,

Melissa (Lisa) Li
Making The Impact LLC


Company Overview

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma, Making The Impact LLC offers a suite of digital services – including web design, web development, graphic design, marketing, and video editing. We specialize in SEO, email marketing, logo design, and much more, even offering website hosting services, domain name registration, and website maintenance.

While we operate primarily remotely, we maintain the flexibility to meet with clients in the Norman and Oklahoma City area. Our flexible operating model allows us to reduce overhead costs and offer our high-quality services at more affordable prices. As a testament to our commitment to integrity and quality, we are accredited by the BBB.

We are dedicated to providing superior customer service, with a client portal for easy progress checks and support ticket submissions. We also offer flexible pricing options, working with clients with both big and small budgets. Our mission to make a positive impact extends to our community, where we’ve donated websites to non-profits and ministries that serve the homeless, and launched, a resource for low-income people in crisis.

At Making The Impact LLC, we value transparency, honesty, and client satisfaction above all else. We provide ongoing support and offer a hassle-free withdrawal process for our services. Our aim is not just to make a profit, but to see our clients thrive because their success is our success.


About Us

Making The Impact LLC, based in Norman, Oklahoma, is a dedicated provider of professional web design, graphic design, and digital marketing services, including SEO, email marketing, and logo design. We also offer website hosting services, domain name registration, and website maintenance.

Founded in 2018, our mission is to empower businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and ministries by providing affordable, high-quality digital services. We believe in offering custom, cost-effective solutions, honesty, transparency, and a client-first approach. Our aim is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve and help our clients succeed in their ventures.

With Making The Impact LLC, you’re not just getting a service provider, but a partner dedicated to your success.


Executive Summary

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, creating a memorable brand identity that resonates with your target audience is paramount. We recognize that Zack Group is seeking to craft a distinctive logo and enhance its brand representation across various platforms, from email signatures to LinkedIn banners.

At Making The Impact LLC, we propose an all-encompassing branding solution meticulously fashioned for your specific needs. Our specialized logo design service aims to capture the core values and essence of Zack Group, providing it with a distinct visual voice. Beyond the logo, our design expertise extends to creating impactful business cards, professional email signatures, and compelling LinkedIn profile banners, ensuring a cohesive and powerful brand presence across all touchpoints.

By choosing to collaborate with us, you’re investing in a brand identity that not only stands out but also instills trust and credibility. This proposal elucidates our offered services, the envisaged timeline, associated costs, and the expected deliverables.

We warmly welcome you to delve into this proposal and envision how Making The Impact LLC can bolster Zack Group’s branding ambitions.


Project Summary

This project centers around the development of a powerful brand identity for Zack Group, an identity that would resonate with its target audience and stand out in the competitive healthcare landscape. Recognizing the weight and significance of a compelling logo and consistent branding, our proposal revolves around these pivotal components:

  • Logo Design: Our primary objective is to craft a logo for Zack Group that encapsulates its essence, values, and mission. Drawing from your ideas and our expertise, we aim to design a symbol that’s both memorable and representative of your brand.
  • LinkedIn Profile Banner: In the digital age, a brand’s online appearance extends beyond its website. We propose the design of a LinkedIn banner that’s in harmony with your brand’s identity, ensuring a cohesive online image that appeals to professionals in the healthcare domain.
  • Business Card Design: Physical touchpoints remain influential. Our goal is to design a business card that’s not just a contact detail card but an extension of Zack Group’s brand, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who receives it.
  • Email Signature: Every email you send is an opportunity to reinforce your brand. We aim to design an email signature that’s not only functional but also echoes the aesthetics and professionalism of Zack Group.

In undertaking these tasks, we aspire to build Zack Group’s brand identity consistently across multiple platforms, ensuring a seamless and impactful brand experience for all interactions.


Services Offered

Our expertise spans across a multitude of digital services designed to elevate your business in the online landscape. Whether it’s refreshing your brand image, driving more organic traffic to your site, or creating a fully optimized and responsive website from scratch, we’ve got you covered.

Services Overview

Our focal services for this endeavor encompass: Logo Design, LinkedIn Profile Banner Creation, Business Card Design, and Email Signature. Each of these is curated to present the Zack Group brand distinctly and consistently across both digital and physical platforms.

Service Packages

Logo Design Packages: Our primary focus with this package is crafting a distinct and evocative logo that aligns seamlessly with the Zack Group’s values, vision, and aspirations. We take a collaborative approach, beginning with your initial design concepts and then presenting a suite of variations, encompassing diverse fonts, layouts, and stylistic nuances.

Zack Group

Our process includes a series of conceptual mock-ups based on the initial designs you’ve shared, ensuring you have tangible visuals to guide your decision.

Our engagement is characterized by multiple rounds of refinement, always striving to sculpt the emblem that embodies your organization’s essence. Upon final approval, we optimize the logo for versatility — crafting versions suited to various backgrounds and delivering files primed for both digital and print utilization.

LinkedIn Banner Package: As part of strengthening your brand’s online stature, we craft a LinkedIn banner that not only dovetails with your newly minted logo but also enhances your corporate identity amidst a professional audience.

Business Card Design Package: Recognizing the weight of first impressions, our endeavor is to ensure your business card serves as a potent ambassador for your brand. Every design aspect will be harmonized with your overarching brand narrative.

Email Signature Design Package: In our pursuit of pervasive brand consistency, we design an email signature that reverberates with the finesse and sophistication of your fresh logo, ensuring that every piece of correspondence underscores your brand’s commitment to professionalism.


Scope of Work

In our mission to sculpt an enduring visual representation for Zack Group, we offer a meticulous, custom-tailored approach to your branding requirements. This section captures our planned trajectory — from the vision to final deliverables, the tentative timeline, and the critical activities that will be part of this transformative journey.

Project Goals and Objectives

Our primary mission is to craft a branding suite that encapsulates Zack Group’s ethos, values, and ambitions. Specifically, we aim to:

  • Devise a compelling logo that’s adaptable across multiple platforms.
  • Construct a LinkedIn banner that fortifies your brand’s online presence.
  • Design business cards that create lasting first impressions.
  • Create an email signature that embodies Zack Group’s professionalism.

Project Deliverables

Upon the culmination of our collaborative endeavor, you can anticipate:

  • A versatile logo, with all the files primed for both digital and print.
  • A LinkedIn banner, harmonizing with your new logo.
  • An email signature resonating with your revamped brand identity.

Optional Deliverables:

  • Comprehensive branding guidelines detailing usage, colors, fonts, and more.
  • Business card designs, ready for printing.
  • Stationary designs, prepared for printing.

Timeline and Milestones

The tentative roadmap for this branding project is:

  • Presentation of initial logo drafts and designs: 2-3 business days
  • Feedback loop and refinements: 1-5 business days
  • Finalization of all designs and preparation of all the files: 1-3 business days
  • LinkedIn banner, email signature, business card designs: 2-5 business days
  • Branding style guide: 3-5 business days
  • Stationary design: 3-5 business days

Project Approach

For the successful realization of Zack Group’s branding aspirations, we adopt a structured, phased approach:

  • Initial Designs: Using the concept designs you have provided, we create a series of logos that capture the look and style you are seeking.
  • Revision Rounds: We will complete a series of design rounds, making adjustments and changes based on your feedback.
  • Refinement Phase: Once the best designs are identified, they are honed to perfection.
  • Finalization and Delivery: With final approvals, we consolidate the designs and deliver them, complete with branding guidelines and the other deliverables (if desired).
  • Support Phase: Our relationship doesn’t end post-delivery. We stand by to assist with any post-integration queries or needs.

As we embark on this venture, our vision is to amplify Zack Group’s essence, ensuring every visual element not only aligns with your identity but also fortifies your market presence.



Recognizing the power of compelling branding can elevate Zack Group’s market positioning, lending it greater credibility and resonance with the audience. Our commitment is not only to deliver high-quality branding solutions but also to ensure our pricing embodies fairness and transparency.

Pricing Overview

The total investment for our branding solutions will hinge on the specific packages you opt for and any tailored services or enhancements to best fit Zack Group’s aspirations. Presented below is an initial pricing framework for the services on offer.

Logo Package Pricing

Understanding that each business has unique requirements and financial considerations, we’ve crafted a range of logo packages. Our flexible solutions allow you to add or subtract services to ensure alignment with your vision and budget.


Solution 1: Logo Refinement

Perfect for businesses that are happy with their current branding direction but require a touch of modernization or adaptation to fresh requirements.

Included in this package:

  • Logo Evolution: $120
    A thoughtful process of refining and adapting your current logo, ensuring Zack Group’s identity evolves without losing its core essence. Includes simple custom graphical elements, 3 initial designs with several variations, and up to 3 revision rounds.
  • LinkedIn Profile Banner Graphic: $25
    Level up your professional presence on LinkedIn. Our graphics are not just pretty pictures; they’re strategic tools that resonate with Zack Group’s ethos and engage its followers effectively.
  • Email Signature: $10
    Ensure every email sent is a gentle reminder of Zack Group’s brand identity with a professionally designed email signature.

Total Cost: $155


Solution 2: Signature Branding

This mid-tier solution is ideal for businesses wanting a premium touch to their branding essentials, ensuring they stand out in a competitive market.

Included in this package:

  • Signature Logo Design: $350
    Dive deeper into logo craftsmanship with a design that’s not just a logo but a brand statement. Enjoy unlimited edits, varied file formats, color variations, and adaptive layouts tailored specifically for Zack Group.
  • LinkedIn Profile Banner Graphic: $25
    Level up your professional presence on LinkedIn. Our graphics are not just pretty pictures; they’re strategic tools that resonate with Zack Group’s ethos and engage its followers effectively.
  • Email Signature: $10
    Ensure every email sent is a gentle reminder of Zack Group’s brand identity with a professionally designed email signature.

Total Cost: $385


Solution 3: Full Branding Suite

Crafted for businesses seeking a holistic branding transformation. This package is the pinnacle of branding solutions, ensuring comprehensive and consistent brand representation.

Included in this package:

  • Logo Design and Branding Suite: $750
    Dive into the world of branding with a comprehensive suite that offers everything from an iconic logo design to stationery and branding guidelines, ensuring Zack Group’s identity is consistent and powerful across all touchpoints.
  • LinkedIn Profile Banner Graphic: $25
    A professional banner that enhances your LinkedIn presence, crafted to not only align with Zack Group’s identity but also to intrigue and engage followers.
  • Email Signature: $10
    A signature that reinforces Zack Group’s brand in every email communication, designed for consistency and recall.

Total Cost: $785


Optional Add-On Services

  • Simple Business Card Design: $60
    A simple, yet professional double-sided business card design that exudes Zack Group’s brand essence with every handover.
  • Premium Business Card: $100
    A high-end, double-sided business card design with advanced graphics, textures, or special finishes.
  • Stationary Essentials: $150
    Enhance your brand presence across professional stationary including letterheads, envelopes, and business cards. $150
  • Simple Logo Intro/Outro: $60
    A straightforward intro/outro for videos with basic transitions and sound effects. Exported in MP4 format.
  • Video Creation and Editing Animated Logo Intro/Outro: $120
    A dynamic intro/outro using 2D or 3D templates, enhanced transitions, and sound effects. Exported in multiple formats.


Payment Terms

For endeavors priced below $1,000, upfront payment is generally required. For those exceeding $1,000, an initial 50% deposit will set the project in motion. However, we do our best to accommodate all budgets. We can often split the total cost into several installments to alleviate any financial pressure or work out a custom payment plan for your project.

Our accepted payment methods include credit and debit cards, PayPal, Goldbacks, Bitcoin, cash, checks, and money orders.


Why Choose Making The Impact?

  1. Personalized Support Portal: With us, you won’t just receive a logo. You’ll gain access to our exclusive support portal, a space where you can track project progress, retrieve files, and request any additional support. This portal ensures an organized and seamless experience for our clients.
  2. Loyalty Benefits: To show our gratitude for your trust, we provide discounts on subsequent projects, ensuring that our partnership is not only fruitful but also offers sustained value. Always remember: our mission is to deliver exceptional quality, ensuring you receive the best return on your investment, both now and in the future.
  3. Proven Expertise: Each design we craft is backed by a rich tapestry of diverse experience in the fields of graphic design and web development. Most importantly, we stand behind every piece of work we deliver. Should any issue arise or tweaks be needed, rest assured, we’re on hand to ensure everything is tailored to your satisfaction. Because for us, it’s not just about design; it’s about delivering a promise and ensuring our partners, like Zack Group, are always confident in the value we add.


Next Steps: Tailored for Zack Group

  1. Solution Customization: Based on feedback from the Zack Group team, we’ll refine the chosen solution to perfectly encapsulate your requirements and budgetary considerations.
  2. Contractual Agreement: Given the scale and significance of our partnership, we believe in cementing our mutual terms in a detailed contract. This contract will ensure clarity and alignment on project expectations.
  3. Initiate Project with Payment: Once the contract is in place and the initial payment is processed, our creative journey begins.
  4. Your Personalized Portal: After kick-off, you’ll receive credentials to our support portal. Here, you can monitor task progression, access essential files, and communicate any requirements or changes directly.

We eagerly await the opportunity to partner with Zack Group. Together, let’s craft a brand identity that’s not just reflective of your esteemed position in the industry but also emblematic of the promising future ahead.

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