Ruby's K9 Corral

Proposal presented by: Making The Impact LLC

Dear Ryan and Vicky,

It was great meeting with you last week. If you would like to view the transcript and recording for the meeting, you can find that here.

The previous initial proposal that contains the ideas and suggestions made for your website and marketing strategy, can be found here.

I have put together some proposed solutions below for your consideration. To provide you the greatest options and flexibility, I’ve put together solutions for using your hosting solution or using that which I offer. I’ll be happy to work with whatever setup you desire.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

All the Best,

Melissa (Lisa) Li
Making The Impact LLC



The purpose of this proposal is to offer comprehensive web development, graphic design, and marketing services to redesign your existing website and expand upon your existing marketing efforts. Our goal is to create a visually appealing, functional, and user-friendly website that effectively represents your brand and engages your target audience.

We will provide two sets of solutions: one that allows you to stay with Squarespace and another that offers a switch to our hosting solution. Regardless of the chosen platform, our services will include website redesign, graphic design, content creation and optimization, SEO, and analytics and reporting.

Our additional services, such as social media marketing, video creation, regular maintenance, and email marketing campaigns, can be tailored to meet your specific needs. With a transparent pricing structure, clear deliverables, and a commitment to collaboration, we aim to deliver a successful website redesign project that elevates your online presence and drives measurable results.


Current Website Assessment

Your current website is lacking some features and qualities that could improve the effectiveness and SEO of it. Even with the change on the homepage to list the cities in your service area can be improved on so that it is made more effective.

You can review the original assessment and initial proposal by clicking here.


Website Hosting

If you choose to stay with Squarespace, there will be limitations with what can be done with your existing website’s theme and the controls available, but we have the capability of producing a new theme or customizing your existing one using custom CSS and JavaScript code.

We offer web hosting to our clients for only $99/year, but you are not required to purchase it and you are welcome to have your website hosted elsewhere. We specialize in building WordPress websites which are a cost-effective, generally easy-to-use CMS (content management system) that is available for free and is typically supported by the majority of shared hosting companies.

The core WordPress software is free, then there are a plethora of plugins and themes that can be used to expand on the system. With it powering the majority of websites on the Internet today, you can trust that it will continue to receive regular system updates, tutorials, and a massive community online of people who can provide assistance and whatever you need at a reasonable cost. We are one such provider and we do our best to provide services at reasonable prices while providing quality work and great value.


Proposed Solutions

In this section, we will outline the proposed solutions for redesigning your existing website. We offer two options: staying with Squarespace or switching to our hosting solution. Each option provides unique benefits and customization possibilities tailored to your needs and goals. Additionally, we will highlight the key features and additional services available with both options, ensuring an enhanced website experience for your business.

Staying With Squarespace

Staying with Squarespace allows you to maintain the familiarity of your current platform while benefiting from a redesigned website. We will utilize Squarespace’s powerful tools and features to enhance your website’s design and functionality. Our services will include website redesign, graphic design, content creation and optimization, SEO, and analytics. We will also offer additional services such as social media marketing, email campaigns, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Switching to our Hosting Solution

Switching to our hosting solution provides you with greater control, flexibility, and the opportunity to expand your website’s features beyond what Squarespace offers. For an annual fee of $99, our hosting solution includes email hosting, access to the cPanel server administration software for backend access, core updates to WordPress and plugins, free training, security measures, and dedicated technical support. We prioritize the security and performance of your website, offering features such as security plugins, SSL encryption, caching plugins for improved speed, and privacy-respecting analytics.

Both Solutions

Regardless of the chosen platform, we offer various levels of customization to align with your unique needs and goals. Some shared features include social share buttons, simple graphics and photo editing capabilities (e.g., resizing, background removal), video backgrounds, and embedded maps. With our hosting solution, you gain access to the professional page builder Beaver Builder, as well as additional benefits like an SEO plugin for easy control of SEO information, a booking request form for customer reservations, online payment forms, and the potential for integration with your kennel software.

In conclusion, both solutions aim to provide a redesigned website that reflects your brand, engages your target audience, and drives business growth. The choice between staying with Squarespace or switching to our hosting solution will depend on your specific requirements, desired level of control, and expansion possibilities. We are committed to delivering a tailored solution that meets your objectives and offers ongoing support to ensure your online success.


Website Redesign

There are a lot of ways to handle the redesign of your website. If you have a large budget and want something completely unique, we can develop a custom designed theme for your website. We also offer different levels of customization to fit your budget and needs.

Setup and Simple Site Redesign – $299 (Our hosted solution) or $160 (if you stay with Squarespace)
We create a simple site design created using standard controls that are part of the theme and page builder with minimal coding and customization. This typically covers up to 5 pages, but if there are additional pages, we may include the design for those as well at no additional charge (it can depend on the complexity and the amount of work and time required).

For those who would like a more elaborate design with more features and special effects such as animating the parts of the website as they appear on the screen, custom menu design, or other changes, we offer some add-ons to enhance the design and look of the website.

Custom Theme Development – $2400
We will develop a custom theme for your website from scratch. This is typically only needed for websites that have advanced functionality or specific requirements.

Advanced Theme Customization – $1200
We will make advanced modifications to an existing theme, either one we provide or one of your choice. We add special advanced animations, menu effects, or other customizations that create a unique website.

Customized Theme – $600
We make customizations to an existing theme that can include special effects, basic animations, or other elements that improve the site’s appearance and enhance the user experience.

Basic Customization – $300
We take an existing theme and make basic customizations that improve the appearance of the website, layout, and design. Can include animations, slideshows, galleries (includes photo editing and optimization), sliders, and more.


How to Decide on Customization Level

We know that these simple definitions alone are not enough to help you gauge what you will receive for your investment, so we have included some examples below. You can also send us examples of websites that you like and explain what features you like about them, and we can review them and tell them which customization level would be needed to achieve it.

For example, the website would require some basic customization.

Most dog boarding websites are not good examples that reflect the design that we do. Some of our clients have a vision for what they would like and so will send us links to websites (they do not need to be related to your business), most are unsure and let us design something for them. We base the design around your existing brand and what seems to best reflect your business.


Web Design Examples

Below are just a few examples of websites we’ve designed and created for our clients. Each client has unique needs and a different budget, so we do are best to work within the requirements and provide the best website we can for the cost.

Global View Photography (
This website is an example of advanced theme customization. It has a customized intro and special animated effects applied as the user scrolls down the page.

Buchanan Bikes (
Here is an example of a customized theme that has basic animations applied to various elements on the site. It has a scrolling bar of logos on the Bike Shop page, a pricing table on the services page, and various background effects.

JLR Investigates (
This website has a simple design with basic customization. It has some animated effects, custom background graphics, and a custom popup to capture email addresses.

Macon It Happen (
This website was one that was created and donated to a local non-profit that helps the homeless. The site is an example of a simple site design.

Math Facts Matter (
This is an older site that has not been updated in a while, but it features a custom theme and custom designed parts of their learning management system.


Website Features

We offer a variety of optional features that we can add to your website.

Contact Form – $40 (WordPress only)
We can add a contact form to your website using a plugin and customize it to match your website. We create the form using a powerful form builder plugin called Fluent Forms and we give you access to our lifetime license to use it. The plugin can be used to create custom forms that we can create for you or you can create yourself. It includes a variety of powerful features and customization tools, and it can be integrated with a wide variety of services. For example, it can integrate with services like MailChimp, be used to collect payments online through your website, and more. We highly recommend this option, as it is better than simply including an email address on the site.

Booking Request Form – $99 (WordPress only)
Using the same plugin above, we can build a custom form that allows your customers to submit a request to reserve a timeframe for dog boarding and/or other services. You can then take their request and reach out to them to let them know if the time slot is available.

Cost Estimator/Calculator Form – $99 (WordPress only) 
We can use our form plugin to build a calculator tool for your customers to estimate the cost for their dog’s stay. We could create something that allows them to specify the number of days, the number of dogs, and any other additional services they are interested in, and then it could display the total.

Online Payments Form – $99 (WordPress only) 
If you would like the ability to accept payments on your website, we could use our form plugin to create a form where customers can submit payments for your services directly through your website.

Social share buttons – Free
We can add social share buttons to make it easy and convenient for people to share your website or content they like. We will customize the share buttons so that they fit the design of your site.

Video background – Free
We can create a 30-second video background using clips you provide or stock video clips to create a silent background to feature on your homepage.

Map embedded on page – Free
We can embed a large map on your site and add buttons for people to easily get directions to your location.

Online Shopping Cart System – $200
We can setup an online shopping cart system and create the product images and descriptions for you. We connect it to your desired payment processor (ie. PayPal, Stripe, etc.) and use the system you would like.


Website Content

We welcome our clients to provide their own content, or if they choose, we can write it. We can generate content from scratch or improve your existing content.

AI-Generated SEO targeted content – $105 for up to 3,000 words ($0.035 per word)
Using AI tools, we generate and edit content for your website using SEO keywords. We use ChatGPT and various prompt techniques to generate quality content for websites.

Ghost Writing Services – Varies
Due to the amount of time required to write quality content, we outsource the content and then edit it. The quality of the content varies, as well as the cost to create it, but the cost is substantially more than our AI-generated content. The cost is $216 for content that is 2,001 to 3,000 words.

Below is an example of AI-generated content we edited to give you an idea of what we can do with your content to target keywords.


Newcastle’s Trusted Dog Daycare and Boarding Facility

Discover the Top Destination for Top Quality Dog Care and Expert Training in the OKC Area


Summary (standard and professional style):

Welcome to Ruby’s K9 Corral, the premier pet resort serving Newcastle and the greater OKC area. We offer a unique and luxurious experience for your furry friend, including overnight boarding, doggy daycare, grooming services, and training. With our family-owned facility, your pup will enjoy spacious, private, air-conditioned suites for a comfortable night’s stay, and engaging play sessions with canine companions of similar size and temperament during the day. Rest assured, we prioritize safety and require all dogs to pass a behavior assessment and maintain up-to-date vaccinations. Our state-of-the-art facility boasts secure, climate-controlled dog runs and expansive fenced-in play areas. Our dedicated staff, trained to handle emergencies, ensures the well-being of your beloved pets. Contact us today and discover why Ruby’s K9 Corral is the ultimate destination for your dog’s needs.


Summary (a more creative style): 

Welcome to Ruby’s K9 Corral, where doggie dreams come true in the heart of Newcastle and beyond! We are not your average kennel or generic pet store; we’re the ultimate pet resort for your furry best friends. From overnight boarding to doggy daycare, grooming, and training, we’ve got tails wagging and noses sniffing with excitement!

Picture this: your pup nestled in their own cozy, air-conditioned/heated suite for a restful night’s sleep. During the day, they’ll frolic and play in multiple sessions with their four-legged pals who share their size and temperament. Oh, and did we mention that all our play areas are fully fenced and double-gated? Safety first, always!

At Ruby’s K9 Corral, we roll out the red carpet for well-behaved dogs who are up-to-date on vaccinations. Our facility features secure, climate-controlled dog runs where your pooch can stretch their legs and enjoy the great indoors and outdoors. And rest easy knowing that our experienced staff, trained to handle any situation, are always on hand to ensure your pet’s safety and well-being.

We’re not just any pet resort, though. We’re conveniently located, just a short drive from Newcastle, Norman, Moore, and other surrounding areas. Need a pickup or drop-off? Consider it done! Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to make your life easier and your pet’s experience extraordinary.

So, why wait? Join the Ruby’s K9 Corral family today and let the barks of joy begin! Contact us now to book your pup’s next adventure, because when it comes to dog daycare and boarding, we’re simply the best in Newcastle and beyond.


With the AI-generated content, we are able to produce high quality content that targets keywords and can be written in different styles and edited as needed. It’s far more efficient and cost effective than any other alternative.


SEO and Marketing

When it comes to SEO and marketing our basic design services include sales techniques to improve the conversion rate of the website. For example, we use headlines, calls to action, including several buttons on the page for the call to action (ie. to buy, make an appointment, call, signup, etc.), and setting alt tags for images.

If you would like further SEO and marketing services beyond that, we offer additional addon services to help with that.

SEO Plugin – Free (WordPress only)
There is a free SEO plugin available for WordPress websites that we can install that will give you control over the information search engines and social media sites read and display. It makes it possible to set page descriptions, thumbnail images, titles that show up for the pages, and more.

SEO Keyword Research and Setup – $150
We use our keyword research tool to identify an extensive list of low-competition keywords with regular monthly traffic related to your business that will improve the amount of traffic you receive organically and improve your rank in the search results for those keywords. We go through each page on your site and embed SEO keywords and tags based on the content and the best low-competition keywords you want to target. We setup the free SEO plugin, set the thumbnail images, insert keywords into the image alt tags, and more.

Daily Social Media Posts – $718/month
We will create one unique post a day for 30 days, for up to 2 platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn). Includes branded graphics and stock images, and uniquely written content designed to promote your website, page, or other content.

Social Media Profile Graphics – $30
We will create a profile image and static header image for the social media platform of your choice.

Social Media Page Creation – $60
This includes creating or editing the profile image and banner image graphics for the page, logging into an account to create the page, and following whatever steps are required to create the page on the platform and put in the desired public information. (Cost is per social media page.)


Website Maintenance

Our website hosting includes the core system updates that keeps the website operational and secure. However, if you have regular needs for edits and changes made to the site you may be interested in our monthly maintenance plans.

All of our clients have unique needs, so we create solutions based on what they require. For those who strictly want to make regular changes to their website, for example, want us to post content for them regularly on their blog, or provide some other regular service to the site, we have a monthly maintenance plan for $75 per month. We also do on-demand changes, so if you want to make a change to a single page and it takes longer than a couple minutes, the charge would be $20 and we would make changes to the content, images, or other elements on the page.

Monthly Maintenance – $75/month 
Maintenance for a single website. Services include updating plugins, upgrading WordPress, making backups of the site, making unlimited edits to content, insert/remove content into pages or blog posts as needed, add/move/delete item(s) in navigation, insert/delete photo(s), photo retouching, change/replace background images, and insert/delete pre-edited video.

Flat Rate Contract Work – $500/month
If you are interested in our other services (ie. graphic design, marketing, customization, print design, video editing, etc.), we offer a flat rate service for $500 a month and we will do up to 20 hours worth of work.


Promo Videos and Video Editing

If you have footage you would like to use in a video, or even if you don’t, we have the tools, skills, and resources to create professional quality videos to promote your business.

Promo Video (a video up to 2 minutes long) 
We have created a variety of promo videos for our clients. Here is one example of a video we created that promotes a free math assessment tool. We can create videos using different styles, techniques, transitions, special effects, and more. We have access to a vast library of stock videos, sound effects, background music, and more.

  • Quick and Simple Edits – $99
    Basic video editing, limited effects, simple transitions, background music, and AI-generated narration.
  • Standard Video Editing – $200
    Includes everything with the quick and simple edits plus a simple logo intro/outro with sound effects, AI-generated narration (if desired), video transcription, video script writing, advanced editing techniques (ie. removing a greenscreen from the background), and more.

With either of these options, you will receive a professional quality video in the size and formats you desire. If you would like a longer video, the cost would be an additional $25 per minute.


Our Recommended Solutions

Based on our discussions and our assessment of your needs, we recommend the following solutions:

If you choose to stay with Squarespace:

  1. Customized Theme Solution – $1,245
    This solution would include the customized theme option, SEO AI-generated content, keyword research and full-site SEO, 2 minute promo video, and social media graphics for consistent branding.
  2. Basic Customization Solution – $745
    With this solution, we would do some basic customization to your theme, provide you with SEO AI-generated content, keyword research with the full-site SEO, and social media graphics.
  3. Simple Site Solution – $415
    This solution would provide you with the essentials – a simple redesign, SEO AI-generated content, and keyword research with the full-site SEO.

If you would like to switch to our hosting solution:

  1. Customized Theme Solution – $1,523
    With our hosted solution, the website hosting is only $99/year which is included in the total. You will also get our free theme which we will customize to suit your needs and preferences. You will also get access to our form plugin, which we will use to add a contact form to your site and customize it to match your site. Like the customized solution for Squarespace, you will also get the SEO AI-generated content, keyword research with full-site SEO, 2 minute promo video, and social media graphics.
  2. Basic Customization Solution – $1,023
    The basic customization solution includes the same things as those listed in the one for Squarespace, but the total includes the cost of hosting, which will renew at the $99/year. You will also get our form plugin, as like the solution above, we will use it to add a contact form.
  3. Simple Site Solution – $693
    With this solution, you get the essentials – a simple redesign, our $99/year hosting, SEO AI-generated content, keyword research with full-site SEO, and the contact form with plugin.

These solutions are flexible in that you can add and remove services from them, mixing and matching to suit your needs and budget. We are perfectly happy to serve you in whatever solution you choose.

Note: We have other services that we offer that are not included in this estimate, but we have included the pricing for those below in case you are interested and have need of those services.

Additional Recommendations

Custom Business Card Design (double-sided) - $80

We create a custom design for a double-sided (2-sided) business card for any size or media. We generate a QR code for your website and include that on the card for quick scanning by prospective customers. Designs are based around your brand and includes unlimited edits.

Custom Brochure or Pamphlet Design - $450

Custom design for a brochure or pamphlet that includes double-sided designs, stock images, custom graphics, layout, content insertion, and the files for the design and print.

Quick and Simple Flyer Design - $99

This is a simple 1-sided flyer design of any size. All stock images and custom graphics, unlimited edits, and design files are included.


This estimate includes the planning, setup, design, data entry, content insertion, customization, testing, and revisions. The website may be completed before or after the estimated time, it just depends. The amount of time we need to build your website also varies depending on how busy we are. We are currently experiencing high demand which is resulting in delays in how fast we can complete requests. We offer a priority service for an additional $200 which will move you up to the front of the line.

Estimated Timeline:

3 - 4 weeks

SEO Keyword Research
1 - 3 days
SEO AI-Generated Content
2 - 3 days
Website Hosting Setup
1 day
Simple Site Design
3 - 4 days
Basic Theme Customization
1 week
Custom Contact Form
1 day
Social Media Graphics
1 day
Website Testing and Edits
3 - 4 days

Your Investment

We have provided pricing for different solutions, but the solution we believe is most suitable for you is the solution with basic customization. It would provide you with a good level of customization that will help you stand out from your competitors and give some flexibility with the design. For example, we can cut out some of your dogs from your photos and place them in different parts of the site for a neat effect. Add some basic animations and customize the navigation bar to be easy and intuitive.

Standard Website Hosting ($99/year)
Simple Site Redesign
Basic Theme Customization
SEO AI-Generated Content
SEO Keyword Research
Contact Form with Form Plugin
Social Media Graphics

Total: $1023

Approve Proposal

If you would like to accept this proposal, we would be delighted to begin working on it for you.

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Making The Impact LLC is located in Norman, Oklahoma but we work with businesses, non-profits, and churches across the country and around the world. We have been in business helping people since July of 2018. We are members of the Norman Chamber of Commerce and we are BBB accredited. Our primary offerings center around building simple websites, designing logos, and reselling low-cost website hosting. That is what we are most known for, but we can do a whole lot more.

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