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Proposal presented by: Making The Impact LLC

Hi Robin!

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the website questionnaire. We are excited about your new business venture and would love to help you on your journey.

We specialize in helping small businesses build a lasting brand, grow their customer base, and market their business in both the physical and digital world.

After reviewing your information and doing some research, we have put together some options for you to consider. There are a number of things that will help you be successful online. We are making our recommendations based on our experience and what we believe will best equip you for success in the long-term.

We provide a variety of web development, graphic design, and marketing services that you may find beneficial. We are happy to work with clients and provide the level of service they desire. Some are most comfortable with having everything handled for them, others like to have some control and to be taught how to do things themselves. We welcome clients of all kinds and budgets and we will do our best to serve you.

Starting out, for your business to have a successful website, there are certain things you will need:

  • Website hosting
  • Domain name
  • Booking system
  • Email addresses with your domain name (ie.
  • Website content
  • Online contact form
  • Photo gallery

Beyond a website, you may be interested in our graphic design and printing services. We can design business cards, brochures, flyers, and more. We also work with printing companies that offer some of the lowest rates available in the country. We can design materials for print, place the order with the printing company, and they will have it delivered right to your door.

If you’re looking for promotional videos, social media posts, content writing, keyword research, online advertising, or other marketing related services, we can help with that too!

This proposal will focus on providing you with a website, and if you are interested in some of our other services we would be happy to discuss it with you.


Website Hosting

To make things simple and easier for our clients, we offer website hosting. In doing so, it is easier for us to serve our clients and provide the best service we can. With our website hosting, we provide you with an administrative login to access the controls for the account, have complete file access, and more.

We will never lock you in or make you completely dependent on us. If you ever want to switch to another hosting company, say the word and we will help you transfer over to whichever platform is compatible with your website.


Domain Name

Domain names are purchased for a year or longer at a time. The domain name you have requested ( is currently available, so we would be happy to register the domain for you if you would like to move forward with the proposal.

If you would prefer a different domain name, then we recommend one that is short, easy to spell, and memorable. It is typically best to have a .com domain name, as it is what people have come to expect so it is typically easier for people to find your website and decreases the chance they may type it in wrong. The standard .com domain names are typically less expensive than other options like .shop, .online, or countless others.

We typically recommend allowing us to register the domain name on your behalf, so that we can set it up properly for you and prevent it from accidentally expiring. We also use registrars that protect privacy, which is important for stopping spam and scammers. However, if you choose to purchase it yourself, we will still be happy to help you with getting it connected to your website.


Simple Website Setup

We setup a WordPress site performing a simple installation of WordPress, installing an existing theme (we provide a free theme), and creating up to 5 pages of the site. Page creation includes inserting content and adding images.

This service includes free website analytics tools to help you estimate the number of people visiting your website and what they are looking at, website security to prevent hacking, access to powerful tools that make it easy for you to make changes to your website, and access to our professional form builder that can be used to provide a lot of added functionality to your site.

As part of our service, we assist you with planning your website, including page structure. Once we have a plan, we build the pages, insert the content, design the layout of the pages, edit any photos and/or graphics that go on the website, and put it all together.

Your website should have at least the following pages:

  • Home
  • Services
  • Book Appointment
  • About Us
  • Contact Us

The Home page is the first thing most people will see when they visit your website. It will provide them with some basic information about what you offer and what they can expect, then they explore other parts of the website to learn more about your business, how they can reach you, and more.

The Services page would provide detailed information about the services you offer and what people can expect. The page could feature photos, videos, an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section, and anything else that will help convince them that your business is the right choice. The photo gallery you want on the site could be added to the page either as a large collection of photos or as a slideshow.

The Book Appointment page would display a booking calendar for where your customers can choose a day and time from your availability. They would choose the day and time, and be prompted to provide you with their contact information. Upon completion, they would receive an email notifying them they have successfully booked the day and time. You would also receive notification by email.

The About Us page talks about your business. You might want information about how the business got started, your background, information about the staff and their qualifications or certifications, how long you’ve been in business, and any other relevant information. The page is to help gain the trust of prospective customers.

The Contact Us page gives all the ways existing and prospective customers can contact you. The page can have a contact form, map of your location, phone numbers, links to social media, your address, and any other contact information you want to publicly share. You may also want to include your business hours as well.

We also include two other pages – Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for the website. These pages have generic policies created by our generators that fill in some basic information about your business.


Email Addresses

When you get website hosting through us, we can host your custom email accounts with your website, so you do not need to pay anything additional to host them. We can create one or more email addresses with your domain name such as or The accounts would use whatever domain name you choose to go with.

To access the email accounts, you can check it through a web browser, or you can connect it to your device such as a computer or phone. We help you get the accounts setup so that you can use it.


Booking Systems

There are a lot of different options when it comes to booking systems. You can use one that is part of your website or use a third-party platform that your website connects to. I have done some research to try to find you the best deal for booking platforms that I believe will meet your needs and budget.



The best system I’ve found that I believe will meet your needs is BookingPress. It is a system that would integrate with your website and provide you with the ability to accept online payments (if you so choose), let your clients book appointments based around your availability, automatically send out email notifications and invoices, and it has a lot of other great features that I think you will like.

The basic functionality of the booking system is free, which would allow your customers to make appointments online, then you can invoice them separately or require payment at the time of the appointment.

If you want the ability to collect payments online and additional functionality, the professional version of the system is not free, but I believe it is a good investment. The cost is only $99/year plus the initial cost to set it up for you.

You can see some demos of the system in action:

Front-end demo (what the customer sees)

Admin demo (what you will see)

The professional version of the system will have the ability to generate invoices that can be sent to your customers automatically. There are additional add-ons that can add greater functionality such as SMS (text message) or WhatsApp notifications. Such add-ons may require third-party services that are not included in this proposal.



Calendly is a popular appointment calendar platform that would be separate from your website, but it has an app that you can install on your phone to easily update and manage your appointments and availability. The main advantages of Calendly versus BookingPress is the mobile app, your website may run a little faster since the system would be separate, and it may be a little easier to learn how to use.

While Calendly does not integrate directly with your website, a calendar can be embedded on one or more pages of the website, or a button could be added that links to their booking system.

The cost for Calendly is $12/month per user, which is $144/year per user.

You can watch a video about Calendly on YouTube, just click here.


Website Content

Every website needs content. Content can take many forms – text, photos, video, and interactive media. For your website, we recommend a combination of text and photos. If you have videos available, they can be beneficial as video content is extremely popular and typically has a higher conversion rate.

For text content, you are welcome to provide your own for each page, or we can write it for you based on the information you provide and similar websites and materials. If you would like to write your own content, we have a guide to help you, just click here.

When it comes to images, we highly encourage you to provide us with some photos of your business and services, as those will help convey to prospective customers what they can expect from you and is more personable.

Our website design service includes stock images and graphics that we edit and use on your website. You get the right to use the photos in the form they are provided. We have access to a large library of stock images and graphics that we can use in our client’s projects. With such resources available to us, we use stock photos and related imagery where appropriate and as needed on your website and other designs. Images within our resource libraries that we have access to are provided at no additional cost to you. If you desire something that is outside of what we currently have access to, we can typically purchase it for an additional charge, or you can purchase graphics and send them to us.


Online Contact Form

An online contact form is a simple form that enables customers to send you an email directly from your website. It prompts them to provide their name, email address, and message, then it sends you an email with their message to you.

Contact forms help prevent spam and scammers. If you simply list your email address on your website, malicious actors can capture it and add you to lists to send you spam and scam emails.


Proposed Options

To provide you with the most flexibility to fit your needs and budget, we put together 3 options for you.

Option 1: Complete Website Package + Professional Appointment Booking System – $475 (then $171/year after the first year)

This option includes the website hosting, domain name, website setup and design, contact form, professional booking system, website content, photo gallery, and email addresses. It includes all our recommendations for building your website, we will take care of the planning, setup, design, content, and launch of your website. The professional booking system will give you additional features and functionality, as well as the ability to accept payments online at the time of appointment booking.

Option 2: Complete Website Package – $376 (then $72/year after the first year)

This option includes the website hosting, domain name, website setup and design, contact form, standard booking system, website content, photo gallery, and email addresses. It includes all our recommendations for building your website, we will take care of the planning, setup, design, content, and launch of your website.

With the standard booking system setup, if you want to accept online payments, it has the option to accept payments through PayPal or on-site. Another option for online payments is to use a free invoicing program like but it would require you to manually input the client information in and send out the invoices. There are some other alternative setups as well, but for something that is smooth and more professional, it is better to use a system that is integrated with the booking system.

Option 3: Standard Website Package – $270 (then $72/year after the first year)

With this option, you get everything mentioned above, except for the booking system and website content.

If you choose this option, you would only get the absolute essentials – the website hosting, domain name, contact form, email addresses, photo gallery, and website setup and design. This option does not include the website content, or the booking system. With this option, you would likely need to find a booking platform such as Calendly to use, and we would add a link to it on the website. You would also be responsible for coming up with the text content that goes on the website.


The first option is what we recommend and the details for this option are below. We will be happy to adjust these options to fit your needs and budget, so let us know if you require changes. For example, if you choose Option 3, you can add on website content. If you would prefer to find your own website hosting and register your own domain name, then the options listed above would decrease in cost by $72.

If you would prefer a monthly option, we have a monthly plan that is $50 a month with $150 down. The monthly plan is the essentials website package, plus it includes 3 website updates a month.

You can add the additional services like the professional booking system and website content to it, and if you did, then the cost for it would be $347 upfront, then only $59 a month thereafter. If you write your own website content, then the cost would be $299 upfront and $59 thereafter.

We use flat rates to make it easy to see exactly what you are paying for and you can more easily choose what services you want and that fit your budget. If you have any questions regarding these options, pricing, payment plans, or anything else in this proposal, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Next Steps

The website is a tool that will help you to provide key information to prospective customers. The goal of the website is to provide enough information people need about your service so they can decide whether or not they want to move forward. The website will help facilitate sales through the online booking system. Once your website has been launched, the next step would be marketing it.

When it comes to marketing, based on our keyword research, we believe it would be best to focus on a combination of online and local marketing.

The top 10 keywords that we found related to your business are as follows (keyword, number of searches a month, amount of competition):

  • “audio home installation” – 720 (medium)
  • “audio video installation” – 590 (low)
  • “audio video companies near me” – 590 (low)
  • “audio visual installation” – 480 (low)
  • “professional home audio installation near me” – 210 (medium)
  • “commercial av installation” – 170 (low)
  • “commercial audio video installation” – 110 (low)
  • “audio video installation companies” – 110 (low)
  • “audio visual contractors” – 110 (low)
  • “audio visual installation companies” – 90 (low)

These keywords serve as an example of what people are actively searching for on a monthly basis and what other businesses are targeting. The keywords that have high competition mean that businesses are specifically targeting those keywords and paying for ads. Those with low competition may be generally easier to rank in the search engines for, however, the results are based on location. You can put those keyword phrases into Google and you will see what comes up.

The very first thing at the top of the search results page is a list of Google businesses in the area that are targeting those keywords.

We found the following businesses in your area that offer similar services:

Hi-Def Solutions of Arkansas, LLC (

Hollywood Audio Video(

Sound Vision Media (

InstallAV (

There are more businesses, but these four are the ones that appeared at the top of the map results. These businesses can give you an idea of what they’re doing, what is working for them, and how they’re doing it.

All of your competitors have a Google business listing, a website, photos of their services, general information about the services offered and the business itself, customer reviews, and information about how people can contact them.

On the Hi-Def Solutions of Arkansas website, they have a form to request a free quote. You may want to consider having a quote form instead of an appointment booking calendar, or have both.

If you’d like to add a “request a quote” form, the cost is $54 and I can add whatever fields you need to collect the necessary information. When someone requests a quote through the form, their information would be emailed to you. If you chose to go with the quote form instead of the calendar, Option #2 would be $372 then $72/year after the first year. If you choose to go with Option #2 and add the request a quote form, $430 then $72/year after the first year.

Based on our research, we can put together content based on what seems to be working for your competitors and implement various marketing and sales strategies to enhance the effectiveness of your website. If you are serious about outperforming your competition, we could help you do so with some promotional videos and other strategies. These services are not included in the proposal, so let us know if this is something that interests you.

If you are interested in seeing some of our recent work, here are some examples:

Gary Robert Pinnell (

Kingdom Kidz Childcare (

Stephens Professional Cleaning Company (

Macon It Happen (

In the sections that follow, you will see a more detailed breakdown of the pricing, timeframes, and more regarding our services. If you have questions regarding this proposal or any concerns regarding pricing, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs and provide you with a solution that fits your budget.

Thank you again for reaching out to us and considering us for helping you in your business venture. Whatever you decide, we wish you the very best in all your endeavors.

Best Regards,

Melissa (Lisa) Li
Making The Impact LLC

Scope of Services

This proposal is for the Option #1 - Complete Website Package + Professional Appointment Booking System that includes the website hosting, domain name, website setup and design, contact form, photo gallery, website content, and professional booking system with installation. You also get all the standard included features that come with our services such as analytics tools for tracking website visitors, search engine optimization tools, website security, and access to our powerful website and form builder tools.

Website Hosting and Domain Name

We provide managed website hosting and domain name services. With this service, we will setup a website hosting account on our server and register your domain name for you and connect it. We create email accounts for you and help set them up and get them connected to your devices. Our service includes system updates to keep your website secure and we provide technical support to help you with any problems.

Basic Site Setup for All Pages

We setup your WordPress website performing a simple installation of WordPress (if necessary), installing an existing theme, and creating all pages of the site. Page creation includes inserting content and adding images, and basic styling.

Contact Form

We will create a contact form that will prevent spam and bots using hCaptcha. Messages sent through the form will be sent by email to you as well as stored on the site.

Appointment Booking System (System + Installation/Setup)

To get access to the features you need, there is an external cost for the professional booking system which is $99 per year. We can purchase the license on your behalf and install it on your website. The installation and setup takes time to do and will require customizing the system to your needs and specifications. In order for you to accept payments online, you will need to have an account with a payment processor such as PayPal or Stripe (Stripe and PayPal are the most popular payment processors). Payment processors typically charge a fee per transaction. Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction and PayPal's fees are similar, but they vary depending on country and other factors. Stripe is typically the cheaper payment processor, but is more complicated to use. No matter what payment processor you choose, there will be setup required in order for the system to work and process payments online. So the installation and setup handle all the technical aspects of this process for you. If you use the free version, you would only need to pay for the initial setup.

Website Content

Writing content for your website can be challenging to do. Many small business owners struggle with knowing what their website should say. Our website content writing services help to take care of that for you. We come up with headlines, subheadings, and the text for the pages. We can even write blog posts. The content we write is done with keywords in mind to help your website pickup organic search engine traffic. This helps your website be seen by people searching for those keywords on sites like Google or Bing.

Additional Recommendations

If you are interested in expanding on your marketing efforts and reach, these services may be a great fit for you. These services are of course, entirely optional and are not included in the scope of the proposal. If you are interested any of the recommended services below, please let us know and we will put together an estimate for you.

Business Cards

For business cards, we $80 for a double-sided design and $60 for a single-sided design. We offer printing with options for standard 3" x 2.5" business cards on standard 14pt or 16pt cardstock, as well as a wide variety of specialty options if you're looking for something that stands out. The cost for 500 standard business cards starts at around $15 + 2-day shipping (usually around $10-12). We can order cards in smaller or greater quantities as well.

Brochures and Flyers

We offer custom brochure or pamphlet design services where we take your content and put together a custom design based on your branding. We do not use templates, we design it from scratch. It takes a lot of time and skill to do effectively, with several rounds of revisions as needed. What results is a beautifully and professionally designed double-sided brochure tailored to your needs and designed to help you sell more effectively. This design service is $450 and does not include the cost of printing. If you do not need a fully custom designed brochure, we can use a template as a starting point for $225. A template-based design requires less time, but will still require customization to fit your branding and requirements. We prepare the files for print and export it to the required formats and sizes that you need it in.

Monthly Maintenance

If you would like us to add, update, or edit your website content for you on an ongoing basis, we offer an unlimited monthly maintenance plan where we will make as many edits as you like to your website. This includes our photo editing and resizing services, making website backups, making changes to the website theme or templates, inserting media, and other changes. This service is $180/month.

Social Media Management

If you would like help with your social media accounts, we offer social media page creation for $60 per profile or page. This includes creating or editing the profile image and banner image graphics for the page, logging into an account to create the page, and following whatever steps are required to create the page on the platform and put in the desired public information. If you simply want the graphics for your social media profiles, we offer those for $30 per set (profile image + banner or header image). We can also create animated and video banners or headers where they are supported for an additional fee.

Social Media Posting

If you would like us to create social media posts for one or more social media pages, we offer this service for $24 per post. The post includes some short post text and a graphic or short video that is related to your business and designed to be suitable for your audience. If you would like weekly posts of this sort, we offer that service for $96 a month (or $24 per week). If you would like daily posts, the cost is $718 a month. This covers posting up to 2 social media platforms. More platforms can be added for a small fee. This service includes analytics tools that can help you monitor the effectiveness of the posts.

Online Advertising, Email Marketing, and Social Media Boosting

If you are interested in advertising your business on Google, Facebook, or other platforms, we can conduct research and analyze demographics plus other statistics to help determine the best way to reach your target audience. From there, we work to put together an online marketing plan that best suits your business and goals.


Estimated Turnaround Time: 1 - 2 weeks This estimate includes the planning, setup, design, data entry, content insertion, customization, testing, and revisions. The website may be completed before or after the estimated time, it just depends.

Estimated Timeline:

January 13th, 2023

Website Hosting and Domain Setup
1 day
Website Content Writing
1 - 5 days
Simple Website Design
2 - 3 days
Contact Form Setup
1 day
Booking System Installation and Setup
1 - 3 days
Finalize Website Setup
2 - 5 days

Project Cost Breakdown

The following is a breakdown of the cost for the proposed services.

Website Hosting
Website Domain Name
Simple Site Setup or Redesign (Up to 5 pages)
Contact Form
Appointment Booking System
Booking System Installation and Setup
Website Content (701 to 1000 words)
Photo Gallery

Total: $475

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If you would like to accept this proposal, we would be delighted to begin working on it for you.

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Making The Impact LLC is located in Norman, Oklahoma but we work with businesses, non-profits, and churches across the country and around the world. We have been in business helping people since July of 2018. We are members of the Norman Chamber of Commerce and we are BBB accredited. Our primary offerings center around building simple websites, designing logos, and reselling low-cost website hosting. That is what we are most known for, but we can do a whole lot more.

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