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Proposal presented by: Making The Impact LLC

Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for considering Making The Impact LLC for the redesign of your existing website. Having a modern and functional website is vital to your business’s online presence. It is our pleasure to lend our expertise towards this endeavor.

Our proposal aims to capture your needs and ideas, providing you with a fresh, updated, and enhanced version of your website. We take pride in our flexible pricing and quality services that are geared to add meaningful value to your business. We are adept at navigating through the nuances of website redesign, ensuring a seamless transition.

This proposal includes estimates for the different services that we believe suit your project needs. We consider ourselves as partners in your success, striving to deliver solutions that fit your goals and budget. We look forward to discussing this proposal further and fine-tuning it to your needs.

Kind regards,

Melissa (Lisa) Li
Making The Impact LLC


Company Overview

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma, Making The Impact LLC offers a suite of digital services – including web design, web development, graphic design, marketing, and video editing. We specialize in redesigning existing websites to make them more engaging, user-friendly, and tailored to the evolving needs of businesses.

While we operate primarily remotely, we maintain the flexibility to meet with clients in the Norman and Oklahoma City area. Our flexible operating model allows us to reduce overhead costs and offer our high-quality services at more affordable prices. As a testament to our commitment to integrity and quality, we are accredited by the BBB.

We are dedicated to providing superior customer service, with a client portal for easy progress checks and support ticket submissions. We also offer flexible pricing options, working with clients with both big and small budgets. Our mission to make a positive impact extends to our community, where we’ve donated websites to non-profits and ministries that serve the homeless, and launched, a resource for low-income people in crisis.

At Making The Impact LLC, we value transparency, honesty, and client satisfaction above all else. We provide ongoing support and offer a hassle-free withdrawal process for our services. Our aim is not just to make a profit, but to see our clients thrive because their success is our success.


About Us

Making The Impact LLC, based in Norman, Oklahoma, is a dedicated provider of professional web design, graphic design, and digital marketing services, including SEO, email marketing, and logo design. We also offer website hosting services, domain name registration, and website maintenance.

Founded in 2018, our mission is to empower small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and ministries by providing affordable, high-quality digital services. We believe in offering custom, cost-effective solutions, honesty, transparency, and a client-first approach. Our aim is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve and help our clients succeed in their ventures.

With Making The Impact LLC, you’re not just getting a service provider, but a partner dedicated to your success.


Overview & Objectives

Our primary objective is to modernize your current website to have a fresh and modern appearance, improve usability, and give your business a more professional presence online.

We understand that your website is an extension of your brand and should offer a seamless experience for your customers. Here are the key areas we will focus on during the redesign:

  1. Website Redesign: A complete overhaul of the site’s design, ensuring a user-friendly interface, enhanced aesthetic appeal, and mobile responsiveness.
  2. Online Shop Update: We’ll remedy the existing shipping functionality issues and ensure a smoother and more transparent checkout process for your customers.
  3. Product Management: Revise current product listings, including adding, removing, and updating product titles, descriptions, variations, and other pertinent details.
  4. Image Enhancement: We’ll fine-tune your product images by editing and removing any distracting backgrounds to make the products stand out.
  5. Social Media Integration: Support in merging two Facebook pages to consolidate your online presence, and providing links to your social media pages.
  6. Content Refresh: Rewriting and updating the existing content on the website to reflect your current business model, offerings, and brand.
  7. Technical Health: Addressing and resolving any technical issues, such as deprecation errors caused by outdated code.
  8. Navigation Refinement: Intuitive site navigation update to aid users in finding information effortlessly.
  9. New Page Creation: Introduce a new page dedicated to “Candle Care Tips”, offering your customers valuable insights into product care.
  10. Product Organization: Streamline your product listings by reorganizing them into more intuitive categories or variations.
  11. Communication Channel: Incorporation of a contact page and form, facilitating an easier way for customers and prospects to reach out directly from the website.

By executing these updates, we aim to deliver a website that not only showcases your offerings effectively but also provides an optimal user experience for your existing and potential customers.



Before diving into the pricing breakdown, it’s essential to share the underlying research and decisions that led to our recommended solutions. We have considered a series of tools and plugins tailored for WooCommerce to enhance the efficiency and user experience of your online store. Our findings and recommendations are organized into key functional areas:

Note: Please be aware that while we make every effort to provide well-informed recommendations, the actual compatibility of specific plugins with your existing website’s theme or other plugins hasn’t been tested firsthand. As a result, the final setup, plugins used, and associated costs might differ slightly from our initial proposal.


1. Shipping Solutions

In every online store, shipping solutions play a pivotal role. It’s about balancing cost-effectiveness for the business and affordability for the customer. After thorough research, we’ve considered a variety of plugins and identified the most suitable one for your specific needs.

ReachShip WooCommerce Multi-Carrier & Conditional Shipping Plugin

This plugin has a free starter plan that could get you started. Their paid plans start at $10 a month. There are a lot more features you will get with this option than the others:

  • Generate shipments, print multiple labels in bulk, and track all your packages in one unified platform
  • Set up your flat rate shipping based on rules and conditions
  • Automate the shipping process within your eCommerce store admin panel
  • Real-time shipping rates with estimated delivery dates
  • Print the shipping labels from the WooCommerce order admin page
  • Fully automate generating shipping labels
  • Live shipment tracking
  • Schedule package pickups

We recommend ReachShip as our top choice. Its features are tailored to not only streamline your shipping process but also offer added benefits like automatic tracking for both you and your customers. With ReachShip, you can effortlessly print shipping labels and access real-time shipping rates from a range of carriers. Its complimentary plan is quite generous, accommodating up to 100 orders monthly before there’s any need to consider an upgrade.

For those keen on a fully free alternative without the constraints of plan limits, there are other plugins available. However, it’s worth noting that these rely on flat rate shipping, which would require meticulous setting and management based on specific conditions and rules.

  • Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce
    The free version of this plugin allows you to:

    • Define shipping cost by total cost
    • Define shipping cost by weight
    • Include or exclude tax
    • Set multiple shipping tiers
    • Add additional handling fees for each order
  • Flat Rate Shipping Plugin For WooCommerce
    Like the other plugin, the free version of this plugin can:

    • Create multiple custom flat rate shipping methods based on conditions like:
      • Product
      • State
      • Country
      • Cart-subtotal
      • Quantity
      • Category
      • Product tag
      • Zone
    • Offer free shipping options
    • Include or exclude tax on shipping method
  • WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping
    This plugin is free and includes the following features:

    • Set shipping rules based on order weight, subtotal, and destination
    • Each rule can use a flat rate or progressive price
    • Set conditional free shipping options
    • Override shipping classes


2. Sales Tax Calculations

Given that you’ve been including the sales tax within the product prices, we’ve identified a free solution that can enhance this process. The plugin in question is “WooCommerce Tax.” To function effectively, this plugin collaborates with another plugin named “Jetpack,” and you’ll also need a WordPress account. Together, they aim to automate the sales tax computation for each order, drawing from the shipping location.

A Note on WooCommerce Tax Extension: This free extension primarily calculates taxes for a store’s single tax “nexus”. For you, this would be Oklahoma. Most businesses typically don’t need to levy taxes beyond their primary tax nexus. Nevertheless, it’s always wise to confirm your tax obligations with a tax expert. Should there arise a future need to gather taxes from customers across multiple states, there are extensions like TaxJar or WooCommerce AvaTax designed for such requirements.

However, considering your business’s current trajectory with limited out-of-state sales, the basic “WooCommerce Tax” extension should aptly serve your needs.


3. Product Variations

The ease with which customers can view and select product variations directly impacts sales and satisfaction. Our research in this area was geared towards finding a solution that would provide a smooth, intuitive experience for customers while allowing for easy backend management. We believe that the default options in WooCommerce should be able to meet your needs in this area.

WooCommerce makes it so that images can display based on the product variations. When setting up the product variations (ie. size and color), it is possible to assign an image to the variation. So when a variation is selected by the customer, the image should change automatically.


4. Selling on Amazon and Fulfillment By Amazon

Amazon charges sellers for storing and shipping products. The cost to sell on Amazon depends on your selling plan, product category, fulfillment strategy, and other variables. The options are flexible, so you can find the combo that works best for you and your goals.

The Individual plan costs $0.99 per unit sold, and the Professional plan costs $39.99 per month no matter how many units you sell. Amazon charges a referral fee for each item sold. The amount depends on the product category. Most referral fees are between 8% and 15%. For “Home and Kitchen” products, the referral fee is 15% with a minimum fee of $0.30. The cost to ship your orders depends on whether you fulfill your own orders or use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Amazon charges monthly storage fees for storing products in Amazon FBA fulfillment centers. The amount of fees that a seller needs to pay depends on several criteria: Product size tier; Time of the year; Volume per unit; Average daily units in storage; Dangerous goods classification (if applicable).

There are many benefits to using the FBA program:

  • Your products are eligible for Amazon Prime FREE two-day shipping and free shipping.
  • Amazon handles the packing, delivery, customer service, and returns.
  • Their FBA fulfillment services can connect to your website, however, the plugin required is not free, it costs $8.25/month billed annually at $99.
  • Streamlined inventory that you can use for all your sales channels that will save time and money.

Amazon charges you for the storage space and the orders they fill, and the cost of shipping is included in the fees they charge, and there is no additional charge for Amazon Prime two-day shipping.

You can learn more about selling on Amazon by clicking here and for information on the FBA fulfillment program, you can go here.


Having established the groundwork with the above findings, let’s delve into the concrete actions we propose, along with a clear breakdown of costs for each. Our focus has always been on maximizing value while being cognizant of budget constraints.


Proposed Solutions

Understanding your distinct needs, we’ve curated a suite of services designed to revitalize your online presence, enhance user experience, and streamline the online shopping process. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of these services.


Web Design and Enhancement

Simple 5-Page Website Redesign – $150
A fresh design for up to 5 pages with content insertion and essential graphics. A standard layout is provided with a scope for limited revisions.
Estimated Turnaround: 3-5 Business Days

Beaver Builder Pro Plugin and Installation – $45
Empower your site with the Beaver Builder Pro page builder, a dynamic drag-and-drop builder that makes website customization a breeze. This package also incorporates the customizable Beaver Builder Pro theme.
Estimated Turnaround: 24 Hours

Additional Page Creation – $20 per page
Creation of specialized pages (like ‘Candle Care Tips’), tailored to your specific needs.
Estimated Turnaround: 1-2 Business Days for each page

E-commerce Solutions

Simple Shopping Cart Setup – $100
Kickstart your online sales with a basic shopping cart setup. This includes integration of up to 10 products. Any extra product can be added at a nominal charge of $5 each. Includes simple checkout setup. Advanced shipping configurations, sales tax, or payment settings are not included.
Estimated Turnaround: 1 Week

Enhanced Checkout Experience – $50
Optimization of the checkout process, installing and setting up shipping, tax, and/or payment plugins and extensions, making it smoother and more intuitive for customers.
Estimated Turnaround: 2-4 Business Days

Product Image Editing – $5 per image or $40 per set of 10
Ensure your products shine with our photo editing services. This encompasses resizing, cropping, background editing or removal, and optimization to bolster website load speeds.
Estimated Turnaround: 1-3 Business Days

Website Utilities

Fluent Forms Pro Plugin and Installation – $30
Prevent spam and augment your website’s functionality with Fluent Forms Pro, enabling advanced form creation and management. With this service, we will create a simple contact form on your website that can send messages to one or more email addresses, and setup a captcha to reduce the amount of spam messages you receive. It includes access to our lifetime license to the plugin, giving you access to a lot of powerful features (a $59/year value).
Estimated Turnaround: 24 Hours

Website Content (up to 2000 words) – $30
Refresh your content with AI-generated, human-edited material accompanied by relevant imagery.
Estimated Turnaround: 1-3 Business Days

Website Maintenance and Repair – Starting at $70
Ensure your website’s optimal performance and address any technical glitches, outdated codes, and other issues. Turnaround varies based on the nature and extent of the problem.

Social Media Support

Facebook Page Merging Assistance – $40
Navigating the intricacies of Facebook’s policies and settings can be daunting. We provide assistance in consolidating your Facebook pages, ensuring a unified brand presence without any lost content or followers.
Estimated Turnaround: 1-3 Business Days


Package Offerings

To provide an all-in-one solution, we’ve bundled these services into three comprehensive packages. Our flexible solutions allow you to add or subtract services to ensure alignment with your vision and budget.

  1. Just the Essentials – $535
    This budget-friendly package is designed to tackle the core issues. We will repair the website and shopping cart system, make changes to your products, and give your website a simple redesign using Beaver Builder, a powerful, easy-to-use page builder. This package includes the following pages: Home, About, Contact, Shop, and “Candle Care Tips”. It also includes the basic shopping cart setup for up to 20 products.

    • Services included:
      • Simple 5-Page Website Redesign
      • Beaver Builder Pro Plugin and Installation
      • Simple Shopping Cart Setup for 20 products
      • Enhanced Checkout Experience
      • Website Maintenance and Repair
  2. E-commerce Excellence – $735
    If you want to invest in your online store, not only can we repair the website and shopping cart system, we can improve the look of your product images, cropping them and replacing or removing the background from each image. You get everything as before, with enhanced images for up to 50 product images plus a contact form that is customized to suit the style of your newly redesigned website.

    • Services included:
      • Simple 5-Page Website Redesign
      • Beaver Builder Pro Plugin and Installation
      • Fluent Forms Pro Plugin and Installation
      • Simple Shopping Cart Setup for 20 products + AI-generated product descriptions
      • Enhanced Checkout Experience
      • Website Maintenance and Repair
      • Product Image Editing for 50 product images
  3. Complete Suite – $1085
    The complete suite includes all of the services of the previous two, but with up to 30 products and 100 product images, professional website content, and assistance with merging your Facebook pages.

    • Services included:
      • Simple 5-Page Website Redesign
      • Beaver Builder Pro Plugin and Installation
      • Fluent Forms Pro Plugin and Installation
      • Simple Shopping Cart Setup for 30 products + AI-generated product descriptions
      • Enhanced Checkout Experience
      • Website Maintenance and Repair
      • Product Image Editing for 100 product images
      • Website Content (up to 2000 words)
      • Facebook Page Merging Assistance

The proposed solutions above do not include the cost for third-party plugins or extensions, or for Amazon’s FBA program. These proposed packages can be tailored to your needs.


DIY-Assisted Solutions

For those passionate about taking a hands-on approach or operating within a tight budget, our DIY-assisted solutions can be the perfect fit. We combine our expertise with your enthusiasm, enabling you to tackle website challenges confidently. Choose individual services we offer and complement them with our in-depth training sessions to tackle your website needs.

Training Modalities & Pricing

  • Zoom Training and Support: $30/hour
    Ideal for visual learners, offering a combination of discussion and on-screen demonstration.
  • Phone Training and Support: $25/hour
    Perfect for quick solutions, clarifications, or brainstorming.
  • Email Training and Support: $5 per detailed response
    Comprehensive written guidance with step-by-step instructions for your queries.
  • Recorded Video Training: $50 per customized tutorial
    Tailored tutorials addressing your unique challenges, which you can revisit anytime.
  • In-Person Training: $50/hour + $1/mile outside of Norman
    Face-to-face, intensive sessions designed for comprehensive learning.

Service & Training Packages:

  • Pay-As-You-Go: Choose specific services and combine them with any training modality of your choice. Perfect for those who need intermittent assistance.
  • Monthly Subscription: Starting from $80/month, 2 hours of Zoom Training, 1 Phone Call Support (30 minutes), 3 Email Supports, and a discount on specific services. Suitable for continuous learning and support.
  • Custom Package: Curate your package based on your unique needs and our recommendations.


Payment Terms

For endeavors priced below $1,000, upfront payment is generally required. For those exceeding $1,000, an initial 50% deposit will set the project in motion. However, we do our best to accommodate all budgets. We can often split the total cost into several installments to alleviate any financial pressure or work out a custom payment plan for your project.

Our accepted payment methods include credit and debit cards, PayPal, Goldbacks, Bitcoin, cash, checks, and money orders.


Project Deliverables

Upon completion of our collaborative journey, Angel Delite can look forward to:

  • A dynamic website professionally designed and optimized for both desktop and mobile users.
  • Enhanced e-commerce functionality, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for your customers.
  • Revitalized product listings with detailed descriptions, organized and setup with the desired attributes and categories.

Optional Deliverables:

  • Optimized images to best showcase Angel Delite’s offerings.
  • Website content rewritten to suit your target audience.
  • Training sessions or tutorials for managing the online store.


Timeline and Milestones

The tentative roadmap for this project is:

  • Website Maintenance and Repair: 2-3 business days
    We start by creating a backup of the existing website. Then we attempt to fix the issues with the website. If that fails, then we will perform a fresh install of WordPress and all the plugins.
  • Website Redesign: 3-5 business days
    We begin redesigning the look of the website, starting with the homepage and site navigation. In this step, we also install our page builder and a customizable theme. We will also install our form builder plugin, if that option is chosen. If you have chosen to have website content created for you, we generate the content on the page and edit it until you are satisfied with the result.
  • Shopping Cart Setup: 1 week+
    We go through each existing product and make any changes needed. We also add new products to the system and organize them into the desired categories or variations. If you choose an option with product image editing, we will go through each image and manually edit them according to your needs.
  • Shopping Cart Checkout Setup: 2-4 business days
    We setup the shipping, sales tax, and payment methods for the shopping cart system. This typically involves installing and setting up all required plugins and extensions, and advanced setup. After the shopping cart system is setup, we perform tests to ensure the system is working properly.
  • Facebook Page Merging Assistance: 1-3 business days
    If you choose to have us merge your Facebook pages for you, we will work with you through the process. This may involve setting up a Zoom meeting where we take control over your device to perform the required actions through your Facebook account, or having you grant us admin access to the primary Facebook page. If you choose not to take advantage of this service, then we can send you some generalized step-by-step instructions that should help you merge the pages.


Why Choose Making The Impact?

  1. Dedicated Support Hub: Our commitment goes beyond just fixing and redesigning your website. As our esteemed client, you’ll gain exclusive access to our dedicated support hub. This platform allows you to monitor project milestones, retrieve essential documents, and communicate directly with our team. We’re all about ensuring a hassle-free and transparent journey for you.
  2. Long-term Partnership Rewards: We deeply value our collaboration with Angel Delite. As a token of our appreciation, we offer special discounts on future projects. Our goal is not only to meet your immediate needs but also to be a partner you can rely on for the long haul.
  3. Skilled Craftsmanship: Our team brings a vast array of experience in both website design and development. And we don’t just deliver; we stand by our work wholeheartedly. Should you need adjustments or face any challenges, we’re here to make things right. Our focus is not merely on creating a website, but on building trust and ensuring Angel Delite thrives online.


Next Steps

  1. Tailored Solutions: After hearing your feedback, we’ll meticulously fine-tune our approach to ensure it aligns perfectly with Angel Delite’s aspirations and budget.
  2. Clear Agreement: Recognizing the importance of our collaboration, we’ll draft a comprehensive contract. This will establish a clear understanding of the project’s scope and expectations, protecting both parties’ interests.
  3. Commencement upon Payment: With the contractual details sorted and the initial payment received, our journey to revitalize Angel Delite’s online presence will officially commence.
  4. Your Exclusive Hub Access: Post the project kick-off, we’ll provide you with access credentials to our support hub. This will be your go-to place for project updates, document access, and direct communication with our team.

We are genuinely excited about the prospect of partnering with Angel Delite. Together, we envision crafting a digital presence that doesn’t just mirror your esteemed reputation but also serves as a beacon for your brand’s bright future.

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Making The Impact LLC is located in Norman, Oklahoma but we work with businesses, non-profits, and churches across the country and around the world. We have been in business helping people since July of 2018. We are members of the Norman Chamber of Commerce and we are BBB accredited. Our primary offerings center around building simple websites, designing logos, and reselling low-cost website hosting. That is what we are most known for, but we can do a whole lot more.

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