Discover Simple & Transparent Pricing

At Making The Impact, we believe in transparent pricing without any hidden costs. We've structured our pricing based on tiers, ensuring you get value for every dollar spent.


Essential Services

Ideal for startups and businesses on a tight budget. Offers core services without the bells and whistles.

Quick turnaround

Great starting point for DIY-ers

It's not fancy, but it does the job

Perfect for very simple projects

$500 or less


Standard Services

A balanced approach, offering both affordability and quality for growing businesses.

Attention to details and branding

More features and customization

Features added for marketing and sales conversion

More professional appearance

$500 to $1000


Premium Services

Geared towards businesses looking for a higher level of sophistication and performance.

Advanced customization and special effects

High-quality customized visuals

Enhanced features for marketing and conversion

$1000 to $5000


Elite Services

The ultimate package for those who want the very best in quality and performance.

Complete customization for a unique look that matches your brand

Optimized for performance and sales conversion

Priority support & unlimited revisions

$5000 or more

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How It Works

Step 1

Find one or more services you're interested in on the Services page.

Step 2

Choose the tier that best aligns with your goals and budget.

Step 3

Request an estimate and tell us what you're hoping to achieve.

Once you request an estimate, we will put together possible solutions with a complete breakdown of the services and prices so you know exactly what you're getting. Since we use flat rates for all our services, you can choose what services work best for you.

Transparent Pricing, No Surprises

Why We Use Flat Rates

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses need clarity, especially when it comes to costs. That's why we've adopted a flat-rate pricing model, offering you predictability and peace of mind. Here's why our flat rates are the smart choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes:

  1. Budget-Friendly: Know exactly what you're paying for upfront. No unexpected costs or hidden fees that can derail your budget.
  2. Value-Focused: We're committed to delivering the best value for your investment. With flat rates, you pay for the end result, not the time it takes to achieve it.
  3. Efficiency Driven: Without the constraints of hourly billing, our focus is solely on delivering the best results in the most efficient manner, ensuring quicker turnarounds.
  4. Simplicity and Transparency: With a flat rate, you get a clear breakdown of what's included, making the process straightforward and easy to understand.
  5. Flexible for All: Whether you're a startup on a tight budget or an established business looking for premium services, our tiered flat-rate system caters to all needs and budgets.

Choose a partner that puts your interests first. Experience the benefits of flat-rate pricing with us and watch your business thrive without the burden of unpredictable costs.

Dive into a partnership where transparency meets expertise. Let's chart your business success together.

web design services

Transparent Flat-Rate Price List

At Making The Impact LLC, we believe in clear, upfront pricing that's designed to cater to a range of needs and budgets. We've laid out our services and their respective costs in the table below to give you an understanding of the investments involved.

Maximize Your Savings

While our listed prices already offer great value, we understand the importance of providing even more to our esteemed clients. Here's how you can enjoy additional savings:

  • Package Deals: Bundling services together can lead to substantial discounts. When you opt for more than one service, we automatically reduce the total price, giving you more for less.
  • Loyalty Rewards: As a token of appreciation, our returning clients enjoy special rates on subsequent projects.
  • Referral Bonuses: When you introduce us to someone new, and they engage our services, it's a win-win situation. Both you and the referred party enjoy special discounts on your projects.

Please note: To ensure sustainability and continued delivery of high-quality service, certain discounts may not be combined. Our team will always guide you on the best and most economical options for your project.

Feel free to navigate through the table, and remember, our team is always here to assist and provide clarity where needed. Let's collaborate to bring your vision to life!

small business website packages

Service TierCategoryServiceService DescriptionPriceEst. Turnaround Time
StandardWebsite DevelopmentStandard Shared Hosting (Annual)For multiple sites, 20GB SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, and free SSL. Includes email hosting.12024 Hours
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentEssential Shared Hosting (Annual)Host a single website with 10GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and free SSL. Includes basic email hosting.6024 Hours
PremiumWebsite DevelopmentPremium Shared Hosting (Annual)Experience hassle-free hosting with 30GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and free SSL. Include email hosting.18024 Hours
EliteWebsite DevelopmentElite Cloud Hosting (Annual)Power your online presence with 1 CPU, 2GB RAM, 3TB bandwidth on Ubuntu 22.04.2201-3 Business Days
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentEssential Hosting SetupOne-time setup for a single website, includes configuration of up to 2 email accounts.3024 Hours
StandardWebsite DevelopmentStandard Hosting Setup FeeConfiguration suitable for multiple sites and up to 5 email accounts.501-3 Business Days
PremiumWebsite DevelopmentPremium Hosting Setup FeeAdvanced configuration with unlimited email account setups.751-3 Business Days
EliteWebsite DevelopmentElite Cloud Server Setup FeeComprehensive cloud server setup on Ubuntu 22.04 with necessary configurations and auto-backups.1501-3 Business Days
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentOne-Time Essential MaintenanceBasic content edits (text changes), addition of a single new page, and minor graphic changes.30Varies by Project Complexity
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentMonthly Essential Maintenance PlanBasic content edits (text changes), addition of a single new page, and minor graphic changes. Charged each month, with 1-year commitment.25Varies by Project Complexity
StandardWebsite DevelopmentOne-Time Standard MaintenanceContent edits, addition of up to 3 new pages, minor navigation changes, graphics addition or edits, and basic layout changes.60Varies by Project Complexity
PremiumWebsite DevelopmentOne-Time Premium MaintenanceContent overhaul, addition of unlimited pages, navigation restructuring, advanced graphics work, layout redesigns, and theme color/style adjustments.250Varies by Project Complexity
StandardWebsite DevelopmentMonthly Standard Maintenance PlanContent edits, addition of up to 3 new pages per month, minor navigation changes, graphics addition or edits, and basic layout changes. Charged each month, with 1-year commitment.50Varies by Project Complexity
PremiumWebsite DevelopmentMonthly Premium Maintenance PlanContent overhaul, addition of unlimited pages, navigation restructuring, advanced graphics work, layout redesigns, and theme color/style adjustments. Charged each month, with 1-year commitment.112Varies by Project Complexity
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentOne-Time Email Setup and SupportConfiguration of email accounts and client-side setup support. Includes setup for up to 2 email accounts.20Varies by Project Complexity
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentAnnual Core Maintenance PlanRegular system and security updates, with standard technical support. Includes 24/7 security monitoring to ensure your website remains online and secure.36Varies by Project Complexity
EliteWebsite DevelopmentOne-Time Elite MaintenanceComprehensive, priority support for extensive content changes, graphics redesign, layout overhaul, and theme customizations. Perfect for a complete refresh or major update.450Varies by Project Complexity
EssentialContent CreationEssential BloggingWeekly blog posts crafted with SEO in mind, complete with stock images. Content is generated and edited on topics relevant to your website's industry and targeting low-competition keywords and phrases.200Varies by Project Complexity
StandardContent CreationStandard BloggingTwice-weekly SEO-optimized posts, paired with high-quality images to engage readers. Content is generated and edited on topics relevant to your website's industry and targeting low-competition keywords and phrases.360Varies by Project Complexity
PremiumContent CreationPremium BloggingFrequent blog updates with superior SEO work, diverse imagery, and extensive topic research. Content is generated and edited on topics relevant to your website's industry and targeting low-competition keywords and phrases.640Varies by Project Complexity
EliteContent CreationElite BloggingDaily content updates, ensuring your site remains active and engaging. Posts are extensively researched, SEO-optimized, and come with premium imagery.1400Varies by Project Complexity
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentStandard Domain Name (.com, .org, .net)A standard domain name with the .com, .net, or .org extension. Includes free privacy, DNS setup, and automatic renewal of the domain to prevent service interruption.2024 Hours
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentWordPress Installation and Basic ConfigurationFresh installation of the latest WordPress version. Includes the setting up of general settings, permalink structure, and standard security measures.4024 Hours
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentSimple 5-Page Site SetupCreation of a 5-page website including Home, About, Services, Blog, and Contact. Features a simple contact form and integrated website analytics using Umami.501-3 Business Days
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentBeaver Builder Pro Plugin and InstallationInstallation and configuration of the Beaver Builder Pro page builder, a versatile drag-and-drop builder for easy website customization. Also includes the customizable Beaver Builder Pro theme. Includes access to our license (a $99/year value!).4524 Hours
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentFluent Forms Pro Plugin and InstallationFluent Forms Pro installation for advanced form creation and management. Includes access to our lifetime license (a $59/year value).3024 Hours
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentSingle Page Design & SetupDesign of a new page including content insertion and basic graphics. Does not include in-depth customization or multiple revisions.401-3 Business Days
EssentialWebsite Development5-Page Design & SetupDesign of 5 new pages including content insertion and basic graphics. Standard layout with limited revisions.1503-5 Business Days
EssentialMarketingSEO Setup per PageOptimization of a page's meta tags, image alt attributes, and headers for better search visibility.2024 Hours
EssentialMarketingSEO Plugin Installation & SetupInstallation of an SEO plugin with basic configuration for site-wide optimization.3024 Hours
EssentialContent CreationSingle Article (up to 2000 words)AI-generated, human edited article with relevant images, keyword targeting, and full SEO setup.501-3 Business Days
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentOne-Page WebsiteA compact, yet effective one-page website with a contact form.1001-3 Business Days
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentLanding Page DesignDesign of a conversion-optimized landing page, integrated with site analytics (Umami). Includes AI-generated, human-edited content, and SEO optimization.751-3 Business Days
EssentialVideo Creation and EditingSimple 30-Second Promo VideoA concise 30-second promotional video featuring simple transitions, a short script, AI-generated voice narration, and the use of stock photos/video clips. Exported in MP4 and WEBM formats.751-3 Business Days
StandardVideo Creation and Editing30-Second Promo Video30-second video with advanced transitions/effects, AI-generated voice narration, stock photos/video clips, a video script, and captions. Exported in various sizes/formats for social media sharing.2501-3 Business Days
EssentialVideo Creation and EditingSimple Logo Intro/OutroA straightforward intro/outro for videos with basic transitions and sound effects. Exported in MP4 format.601-3 Business Days
StandardVideo Creation and EditingAnimated Logo Intro/OutroA dynamic intro/outro using 2D or 3D templates, enhanced transitions, and sound effects. Exported in multiple formats.1203-5 Business Days
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentEssential Website Planning and ContentA basic package ideal for startups or personal sites. Includes planning for up to 5 pages, content creation for core pages, and stock photo selection with basic editing.1503-5 Business Days
StandardWebsite DevelopmentStandard Business Website Planning and ContentPerfect for new and growing businesses. Get up to 10 pages planned with engaging content, and a selection of stock images that are edited and optimized to suit your needs. Includes basic SEO keyword research.3751 Week
PremiumWebsite DevelopmentPremium Business Website Planning and ContentComprehensive planning for businesses with diverse needs. Covers up to 20 pages, inclusive of blog content, premium stock images or custom graphics, and in-depth SEO keyword analysis.6801-2 Weeks
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentSimple Shopping Cart Installation and SetupBasic shopping cart plugin installation and setup with up to 10 products added.1001 Week
StandardWebsite DevelopmentStandard Shopping Cart System Setup & InstallationAdvanced shopping cart setup and customization, payment gateway integration, up to 50 products added.2501-2 Weeks
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentEssential Theme Tune-UpPerfect for those seeking slight adjustments. Our service provides tweaks to styles and simple edits to refine your site's appearance. Every change aims to align with your preferences while maintaining the integrity of the theme.1001-3 Business Days
StandardWebsite DevelopmentStandard Theme TransformationElevate the visual appeal and functionality of your chosen WordPress theme. By crafting a customized child theme, we reimagine and tailor the design to resonate with your brand and objectives.5001 Week
PremiumWebsite DevelopmentPremium Theme EnhancementWhen an ordinary theme won't do, this service amplifies its potential. Dive deep with advanced customizations, ranging from intricate animations to unique layouts and standout features. Every element is carefully curated to make your website distinct.12001-2 Weeks
EliteWebsite DevelopmentElite Theme MasteryReserved for those with precise visions and advanced needs. Experience a truly tailor-made website as we craft an original WordPress theme from the ground up. Ideal for projects demanding specific functionalities or those keen on making a bold digital statement.25002-3 Weeks
EssentialWebsite DevelopmentOne-Page Website Planning and ContentWe design and create content that aligns with your brand's narrative and goals.751-3 Business Days
EssentialMarketingTargeted Keyword ResearchUncover the hidden gems in the keyword landscape. We dive deep to identify low-competition keywords, paving the way for improved organic visibility and growth.1501-3 Business Days
EssentialMarketingCompetition Keyword ResearchGain an edge by understanding your competitors' keyword strategies. Our research provides insights into the keywords your competitors are targeting, revealing potential opportunities for your business.2501-3 Business Days
EssentialMarketingOnline Marketing StrategyFrom research to execution, we build a tailored online marketing strategy that amplifies your brand's voice, reaches your target audience, and drives conversions.3001 Week
EssentialMarketingSocial Media Post Calendar and ContentStay ahead with a well-defined social content calendar. We map out compelling content across platforms, ensuring consistency, engagement, and resonance with your audience.3001-2 Weeks
EssentialMarketingSingle Social Media Post GraphicEnhance your social presence with captivating graphics. Our team crafts visuals that not only align with your branding but also captivate and engage your followers.2524 Hours
EssentialMarketingSocial Media Posting ServiceLet us handle the heavy lifting. From strategizing and content creation to posting daily on your primary social media channel. Expand your reach effortlessly by opting for additional channels at a nominal added cost. $100 for each additional channel.600Varies by Project Complexity
EssentialGraphic DesignSimple Textmark LogoCreate a lasting impression with a minimalist text logo. Tailored to your brand and may include a geometric shape for added flair.603-5 Business Days
EssentialGraphic DesignIconic Brand MarkPair your brand name with an iconic silhouette or shape, crafting a memorable visual identity.903-5 Business Days
PremiumGraphic DesignSignature Logo DesignA premium logo tailored to your vision. Features special effects and/or a distinct graphic element. Comes with unlimited edits and a variety of file formats, color variations, and vertical/horizontal layouts.3501-2 Weeks
EssentialGraphic DesignAdditional Revisions for Logo DesignEnsure your logo aligns with your vision with additional revision rounds.303-5 Business Days
EssentialGraphic DesignStationary EssentialsEnhance your brand presence across professional stationary including letterheads, envelopes, and business cards.1501 Week
PremiumGraphic DesignLogo Design and Branding SuiteA comprehensive branding solution, from logo design to stationary and branding guidelines to ensure consistency.7501-2 Weeks
PremiumGraphic DesignMascot MagicPersonify your brand with a custom cartoon mascot, designed to resonate with your target audience.5501-2 Weeks
EssentialGraphic Design3D Logo LiftElevate your logo with a 3D effect, giving it depth and a modern touch. We take your existing logo and apply a shadow effects, gradients, and/or a shine to it.451-3 Business Days
EssentialGraphic DesignLogo EvolutionRefresh or modify your current logo, adapting it to new brand directions or requirements.1203-5 Business Days
EssentialGraphic DesignVector ConversionTransform your static logo into a scalable vector format, perfect for diverse applications without losing quality.801-3 Business Days
EssentialGraphic DesignFormat FlexibilityGet your logo in a variety of formats suitable for web, print, and other mediums.201-3 Business Days
EssentialGraphic DesignEssential Business CardA standard double-sided business card design tailored to your brand.601-3 Business Days
PremiumGraphic DesignPremium Business CardA high-end, double-sided business card design with advanced graphics, textures, or special finishes.1003-5 Business Days
EssentialGraphic DesignEssential Brochure DesignA tri-fold or bi-fold brochure design conveying key brand messages efficiently.1753-5 Business Days
PremiumGraphic DesignPremium Brochure DesignA multi-page or unique format brochure with advanced design elements, custom graphics, and intricate layouts.3501-2 Weeks
EssentialGraphic DesignSimple Booklet DesignA basic multi-page booklet to showcase your brand's products, services, or information.2502-3 Weeks
PremiumGraphic DesignPremium Booklet DesignA comprehensive, multi-page booklet with custom illustrations, graphics, and a polished layout.5003-4 Weeks
EssentialGraphic DesignSimple Flyer DesignA one-sided flyer design for effective marketing or informational purposes.601-3 Business Days
PremiumGraphic DesignPremium Flyer DesignA single or double-sided flyer with custom graphics, images, and a layout that stands out.1503-5 Business Days
EssentialGraphic DesignSimple Ebook DesignTransform your content into a well-structured, visually appealing ebook format.2501-2 Weeks
PremiumGraphic DesignPremium Ebook DesignA top-tier ebook design with custom graphics, interactive elements, and a cohesive layout tailored to your brand.4502-3 Weeks
EssentialVideo Creation and EditingSimple Promo VideoA promotional video up to 2 minutes in length, featuring simple transitions, an AI-written video script, AI-generated voice narration, and the use of stock photos/video clips. Exported in MP4 and WEBM formats.1501-3 Business Days
StandardVideo Creation and EditingStandard Promo VideoStandard promo video with advanced transitions/effects, AI-generated voice narration, stock photos/video clips, an AI-generated video script, and captions. Video is up to 2 minutes in length. Exported in various sizes/formats for social media sharing.4503-5 Business Days

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