Payment Options

We love to serve and we do our best to provide quality services at affordable rates, even when it means we take a loss. We do it to help our clients who are passionate about their projects and need a helping hand.

It is not possible to help everyone or to offer discounts all the time, as we have operational costs and bills to pay ourselves, but we do offer a lot of options to help make our services more affordable.

Pay with Crypto and Get 10% Off!

We love Bitcoin and Dogecoin! We believe it has a great future as a digital currency. That is why we are willing to give you a 10% discount on our services if you pay us in Bitcoin or Dogecoin.

You can buy Bitcoin from Coinbase or Binance. When you are ready to pay, contact us.


We Accept

credit cards
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Flexible Payment Plans

For projects and clients who qualify, we offer flexible payment options. We can break down your invoice into monthly payments, or allow you to make partial payments.

Financing and Lenders

Do you need financing? If your business isn't a good match for one of our payment plans, you can check to see if you qualify for financing through one of these small business lenders.

Annual Revenue Over $50K



Lending Club


Annual Revenue Over $100K




Other Lenders

PayPal Working Capital

Merchant Zoom

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