Mobile & Web Apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are typically very expensive, costing thousands of dollars and taking several months of development.

We can build a custom mobile app cheaper and in a fraction of the time using Gappsy.

Gappsy enables us to build apps for you faster and more cheaply than developing it through traditional methods. Unlike other app builders, they offer a lifetime hosting deal – meaning you won’t have hosting fees for your mobile app, saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

There are fees you will need to pay if you want to offer your mobile app in the app stores for Android and iOS. Android is a one-time charge of $25 and Apple is $100 per year.

We can help you build your app – working with you through the whole process, from planning to launch. We will take care of the planning, graphics, development, and publishing it for you.

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Web Apps

Do you need to extend the functionality of your website? Are you needing a custom web application developed?

Our team can plan, design, and develop web applications in PHP and for WordPress!

We specialize in smaller web applications, so if you have something extremely complicated or that requires a lot of development hours, we likely won’t code it ourselves. What we would do is either help you find someone who can or we will be your project manager that oversees the work done by developers who have the expertise for the kind of work you need.

We have the geeky knowledge and know the technolingo, software development process, and all that good stuff to get things done faster and done right.

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