That question is like asking “how much does a car cost?” and the answer is it varies. You might be able to get something really cheap for a few hundred bucks or something in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Either way you could end up with a lemon or something that has high maintenance and repair costs that you were never anticipating.

The cost of the average custom-made website in the United States usually starts at around $2,500 and it can take 3 to 6 months or more to complete. Custom built websites are not the only option though.

Over the last 10 years, numerous solutions have sprung up that enable people to build their own websites relatively cheaply and easily. These solutions usually have a monthly or annual charge.

They may charge $5 to $100 or more per month and will often advertise a free domain name and some easy to use features. With these services, you can quickly build your own website in a few minutes or a few days.

Although these solutions are cheaper than most web development firms, they are cheaper for a reason.

You have to figure out what to put on your website, how to lay it out, and write the content yourself. If you don’t have any marketing experience this can be a real issue.

These services also use templates and tools that are designed to work for their particular platform or hosting solution. Should you ever decide to move your website to a cheaper and/or faster hosting solution, or your needs change and you need features they don’t have, you will be stuck.

You will usually find that it is impossible to move your site as is and that you would have to rebuild it from scratch using a different service or platform. A similar problem can occur with a custom-made website, unless it uses a well supported content management system.

If a company builds your site entirely from scratch, and they decide to create their own custom-built tools to edit and manage the content, you will be dependent on that company to provide maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to it as technology changes and your needs change, resulting in large additional, often unexpected costs.

If you want to keep your costs down, we recommend building your site with WordPress.

You can do it yourself, have us do it for you, or hire a developer do it for you. With a WordPress site, you can more easily change the appearance of the website with themes, you can add and remove features for free or low cost, and you can receive free regular updates to your site.

If you’d like to learn how, talk to us and we’ll be happy to teach you or take care of your website needs.