Contractor Application Assessment

Hi! Thank you for applying for our freelance opportunities. We've reviewed your initial application and would like to learn more about you and what you can do!

Before we get that information from you, please take a couple of minutes to watch the video below to learn about our mission and the people we are looking to work with.

As an independent contractor, you'll have control over your working hours, the pay rate you set, and will be responsible for providing your own software, equipment, and resources needed to perform your tasks. Your main role will be completing specific tasks based on your expertise and skill set.

What You Can Expect From Us


We are here to support you. Our team will provide all the project specs, content, plans, outlines, and any relevant files needed for your task. Our company will be the main contact point for the client, providing long-term support, and ensuring the quality of the work delivered.

Payment Platform

Instead of using platforms like Fiverr or Upwork that can take 20% of your pay in fees and prohibit you from doing business off their platform, we will use a different system and structure that will greatly reduce or eliminate the typical fees you're used to.

Career Progression

We believe in career growth and progression. As your skills and experience grow, we'll support you in charging more for your services. By always expanding our team, we can bring on individuals with a variety of skills to complete projects that meet our client's budgets.

Portfolio Development

Working with us can help you build your portfolio. You'll receive credit for the specific tasks you complete, and if you choose to work on our volunteer projects, you can showcase it in your portfolio as volunteer work, helping to impress your prospective clients or employers.

Fair Payment Structure

Typically, we agree to a payment structure of 50% upfront, with the remainder to be paid before the final files are delivered. However, these terms are negotiable as per your contract you make with us.

Flexible Contract

You're not bound by a long-term contract and are free to collaborate with us as long as you'd like. We value the relationships we build with our contractors and believe in a flexible working arrangement.

Question: How many projects will I get per week/month?

Answer: The short answer is that we don't know.

We know what it's like living with unpredictable income. It's difficult and stressful to say the least.

Unfortunately, we aren't able to guarantee any amount of work as there are many variables involved - how many clients we can get, the client's budget, your suitability for the project, the project deadline, your project preferences, and other factors.

What we do promise is that we will treat you fairly and do our best to send you projects regularly that suit your skill set and preferences. You will not competing against everyone else in the traditional sense or bidding on projects.

Every person has certain things they specialize in, and other things they don't. We are going to match projects and tasks to the best suited contractor who is available and who meets the client's budget needs.

To help compensate for this instability, we will provide you with resources, tips, tricks, and support to help you find projects and jobs outside of the projects we send you. You can connect with other contactors that join our team from around the world, where you can be inspired and get ideas that can help you find more work.

Your success and ability to achieve your goals is important to us. So, we will be happy to serve as a reference for you to prospective employers and clients, as well as give you insights in how you can improve to be more competitive and stand out.

We want to help you build your dream career doing something you love and care about, whether you're doing work for us or someone else. Together, we will be able to achieve many great things.

If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, please fill out the assessment below which will tell us more about you and how you best can fill the role you're applying for. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions and meet with us.

Contractor Assessment

Entry-Level: Just starting out, typically have a portfolio composed mainly of academic or personal projects, up to 2 years of professional experience.

Mid-Level: 3-7 years of experience, have worked on professional projects and have a portfolio that showcases a range of different types of work.

Senior-Level: 8+ years of experience, significant professional experience with a wide range of projects, may have managerial experience and is capable of leading creative directions.

Entry-Level: Up to 2 years of experience, portfolio consists of academic projects or smaller client websites.

Mid-Level: 3-7 years of experience, have worked on several professional web design projects and can handle more complex design tasks.

Senior-Level: 8+ years of experience, experienced in designing complex and large-scale websites, possibly leading teams and projects.

Entry-Level: Up to 2 years of experience, understanding of core programming languages, can develop simple websites.

Mid-Level: 3-7 years of experience, proficient in several programming languages, can develop more complex web applications.

Senior-Level: 8+ years of experience, expert in multiple programming languages, can architect and develop complex web applications, and possibly has leadership or team management experience.

Entry-Level: Up to 2 years of experience, understanding of marketing principles and digital marketing platforms.

Mid-Level: 3-7 years of experience, have managed marketing campaigns, and have a more in-depth understanding of marketing strategies.

Senior-Level: 8+ years of experience, have experience leading and strategizing large-scale marketing campaigns, possibly have experience managing a team.

Entry-Level: Up to 2 years of experience, know basic editing techniques and software.

Mid-Level: 3-7 years of experience, have a portfolio that showcases a variety of different editing styles and projects.

Senior-Level: 8+ years of experience, have extensive experience in various types of projects (films, commercials, etc.), and possibly leading editing teams or projects.

At our company, we strive for a balance where we're providing excellent service to our clients, and also compensating our independent contractors fairly for the quality work they deliver.

Currently, the majority of our clients are small business owners who often operate within limited budgets, we need to make sure our pricing structure aligns with our clients' capacity, while also reflecting the value we bring to them. As we expand, we will have more projects from clients with larger budgets and much greater expectations. 

We are seeking to know your rates for specific tasks so we can plan and budget our clients' projects effectively.

In this collaboration, you would be relieved from the burden of handling client communication, dealing with difficult clients, or providing long-term support. Our collaboration may also reduce your need to constantly market your services to find projects. We understand that all of these tasks often take up a considerable amount of time and energy.

While you'll be tasked with making changes as per client requests, you won't be required to directly engage with them. This arrangement allows you to focus more on your area of expertise - delivering quality work that matches the project specifications.

With this structure, we aim to make the collaboration a mutually beneficial relationship. We also assure you that as your skills and experience grow, there will be opportunities for you to charge more for your services.

Please keep these factors in mind as you list your services and pricing for specific tasks.

Because we are looking to work with hundreds of clients, we have to be able to quote prices quickly so we are looking for freelancers who are comfortable with flat-rate pricing, not hourly. 

To help make our services more affordable, we at times may use AI tools, templates, or other resources to reduce the time and effort needed to perform the work for our clients. This helps makes our services more affordable to those with smaller budgets with lesser need for customization, while still enabling us to provide a professional result they are satisfied with. 

We believe in giving back to the community and helping others, so when we are able, we work on volunteer projects that help the homeless or for other important causes. 

We have our own projects like that we built and work on that helps the homeless and those in need find resources in Oklahoma (where we are located).

We also have donated websites to homeless ministries like Macon' It Happen and Salt Ranch, giving them free hosting, domain names, logos, etc. 

Note: Participating in volunteer projects (ours or others) from time to time is not required, but it does make you stand out among the other candidates as most say no. 

Volunteer work is one of the ways we meet new clients, get referrals, and demonstrate our talent. It is one of the ways we advertise our services while doing something good for the community and makes a positive difference in the world.

Those who join us in the effort will, of course, be credited for their contributions and can showcase their involvement on their resume and in their portfolio which is helpful to find new projects and clients - volunteer work can help you stand out to potential employers (like us).