Churches and Ministries

We Want to Help Local Churches

Melissa Li, the owner and founder of Making The Impact LLC, has been given a lot of help and support from the local churches and ministries in Oklahoma over the years. So naturally, she wants to give back and do what she can to help them, she also made a promise that she intends to keep to God and some church friends.

Therefore, Making The Impact is offering vinyl signs, banners, decals, websites, and other services to local churches and ministries at just above cost, or even free, as we are able.

Our availability to provide these services is not guaranteed, so please contact us or fill out the form below to request services.

We donate 5% of our sales to local charities that feed and help the homeless in Norman, Oklahoma.

If your church or ministry is interested in taking advantage of this offer, or seek our assistance with another project, please fill out the form below.

Church or Ministry Project Request